You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2016-01-30 07:22:21 No. 26299762
They started a war to destroy all of Equestria, all of the pain and death is their fault. We now have one guard that is all alone. Kill him and take his gun. If there's time we should hide the bodies so the others wont be immediately alerted.

2016-01-31 09:45:38 No. 26306839
Well it took way more time than I expected, sorry for that.

>Breathe in, breathe out. Quietly, you scolded yourself, trying to regain composure as fast as you could.
>You simply had to remove the threat this... thing posed to you and all your friends. He... it was your enemy. Invader.
>It wanted to kill you, you just barely preceded it's own attack.
>Thinking about the fallen in depersonating way was helping you to calm down, along with breathing and planning what to do next.
>Focusing on adjusting your plan to the current situation, or forming a new one turned your thoughts away from the corpse.
>You took the machete, holding it in your magic for the time being. The knife safely landed in its holder.
>Careful peek allowed you to see that nopo... none of these things gave two shits about their comrade, at least for the moment.
>The four changelings left first pair of rooms, chatted with the lone guard and moved on to next targets.
>This pair of rooms was just before your current hideout and only two pairs away from those occupied by your group.
>You had to be extremely cautious now. The guarding creature didn't change it's position, but it called for the dead changeling.

I will follow >>26299762 if you don't come up with anything else.
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