You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2016-01-31 11:46:24 No. 26307790
>The time was running out way too fast to think of something elaborate.
>You dashed madly towards fresher of the bodies and quickly scooped dropped pistol from the ground. You could hold it with your hoof easily.
>When you turned around, two disguised changelings were already leaving their respective rooms, they companions remaining inside.
>The pistols were turning to you, everything around seemed sluggish, time slowed down.
"Shoot, Hran!" you yelled on top of your lungs, hoping that you will distract them and also make the orange stallion do what you wanted.
>It was effective, one of the opponents turned his head away to see who were you calling.
>This was what you were begging the fate for.
>Trying to think 'this is just a pest control, nothing more' you pulled the trigger.
>The recoil jolted your foreleg a bit and you dropped pistol just because sheer surprise. You managed to hit the changeling still looking at you in the chest, wounding him.
>He was immediately pulled in his room by his comrade. In the meantime, Hran proved himself to be quite fast thinker when he wanted to. He popped out and shot the second enemy. Salt was enough to incapacitate the insect, and he also disappeared quickly.
>You and Hranchak hid at once, wary of pistols still possessed by your foes.
>Frequent gunshots became audible somewhere below. Not close enough to come from fourth floor.
>Two down, two harmed, two more to go. What now?
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