You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2016-01-31 12:01:32 No. 26307907
We need to pull the dead ones weapon toward us.

I want to also throw a rock into their room and yell "grenade!" that will make them run out and we can shoot them. we should also tell hran to get ready to shoot again.

2016-01-31 12:36:27 No. 26308210
>Fortunately for you, pistol you dropped before was within your sight, thus you could magic it straight back to your hooves.
>You shivered a bit when you touched the cold metal of death-spreading weapon, however you supressed any doubt about your actions that still remained deep inside you.
"Hran, prepare yourself!" your shaking, high-pitched voice went across the corridor.
>There was no answer, but you were one hundred percent sure your friend heard and understood you nevermind the weakness of your call.
>You had to make them leave their cover somehow, so you could shoot them easily.
>Rocks. They were perfect for the task.
>After a while of silence you picked up one of the bigger stones, leaned out and quickly threw it inside of one room.
"Grenade!" you yelled as loud as you were able to.
>Then... nothing happened. Foe hidden inside laughed loudly.
>He mockingly faked your voice when he tossed the rock to the opposite room. Both of them snickered.

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