You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2016-01-31 02:21:49 No. 26309376
throw another rock in there to fuck with them. GRENADE! Not so funny anymore IS IT?!?!

I think it's time to shoot. HOSPITAL BED

2016-01-31 03:13:00 No. 26309974
>You gripped the pistol tightly, hoping this time recoil won't cause your rahter fragile plan to fail miserably.
>To raise your chances you picked up another rock with your magic.
>They've seen through your ruse before and they won't believe it this time, however you could always just hit your target with it to confuse him or even knock him unconscious.
"Ready! Hospital bed!" you screamed with enough force to wake up a dead.
>Then you quickly stormed out of your hideout, noticing that Hran did the same... only to see both changelings ready, aiming at you.
>It shouldn't be a surprise, your voices coming from rooms you used were good indicators of your positions.
>However orange earth pony was still thinking fast, and his shot was the first to sound in the place.
>Second one was joined both with your own attack and also with pain that struck your body, burning through your chest. You didn't know where exactly you got hit, but adrenaline prevented you from immediately falling.
>Maybe it wasn't that bad, despite the pain?
>Both foes in front of you were laying on the floor, one of them moving in pain.
>You managed to defeat all the changelings, but you were wounded.
>>"We did it, Spring!" said Hran merrily when he emerged from your group's roon. "You got them... wait, are you okay?"
"I think I'll need a doctor..." you said weakly, turning around slowly.
>The stallion's coat turned to a lighter shade of orange when he saw a red dot on your chest.
>>"You have the vest, and all these clothes, you should be fine..." he tried to cheer up both you and himself.
>Clean appeared behind him. She gasped when she saw you.
>You can't recall if there were doctors present here, in the Royal Theatre. And tha battle was still raging outside.
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