You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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help with the battle and clear them out so that it's safe again. Then we can be carried to the military outpost and they might have some basic medical knowledge.

2016-01-31 05:28:16 No. 26311508
"You have to go, Hran" you smiled at him. You weren't too weak for this small sign of friendship. "Go and show them. When all the changelings are gone, it will be safe again."
>>"Word 'safe' doesn't exist anymore, Spring" he replied in a grim tone, his voice raspy, like he got sick suddenly. "This theatre was supposed to be... safe."
"Fending them off will make a diference" you felt an urge to cough and when you did, sharp sting of pain made you groan. "It won't change our general safety until the war is over, but you could get a doctor here. Or carry me to him."
>"If you don't believe in victory, try to believe in teamwork" said Kalina from the door.
>When did she manage to drive her wheelchair here? It didn't matter, she probably had enough time. You didn't hear her small vehicle grating, though.
>"You wanted to be a knight as a little foal. Now you can be one."
>>"I... this war is not what I've imagined war to look like."
>"You grew up, lad. Finally."
>The way she phrased it sounded a bit harsh. No, it sounded really harsh, but it was doing it's job.
>The orange stallion looked around with hint of fear in his eyes, gulped and straightened himself.
>>"Wish me good luck."
>With this, he left you and took all the weapons in your abandoned saddlebags.
>You felt like lying on the floor was a decent idea for the time being.
>Anything you could do? Or tell somepony to do for you?
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