You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2016-01-31 06:17:54 No. 26312087
We need to find a metal tube because if we start to not be able to breath they need to stab us where our lung is.

2016-01-31 06:49:42 No. 26312496
I don't think we could do that in the condition we're in. Let's try to rest. It's been a long day.

That doesn't sound good.

2016-01-31 07:11:09 No. 26312769
"I... we could block the staircase but there are too few of us left."
>"What do you... oh, right" Clean lowered her head and took a breath.
>You did too, but another cough that was result of it brought iron taste to the back of your tongue.
>"It would take me way too much time to do it alone, and who would care about you?"
>"You seem to be forgetting about somepony."
>"Would you be able to lift Spring if it'd be necessary?" this honest and simple question made Kalina apologize quietly. "It's not your fault, Miss Kalina. I too don't know how else could we help our friend."
>Uneasy silence fell upon the room. Agreed on silence, that is. Gounds of the skirmish down there were still reminding all of you about always present danger.
>Maybe the guns you obtained will help?
>Perhaps soon the nice, handsome and fine gentlecolt will appear in the door, with his medic bag?
>You began to drift away gradually, loosing contact with the reality.
"Listen" you suddenly said, your voice, barely louder than whisper now. "Find a way to make me breathe if I start to suffocate. Okay?"
>Both mares nodded deeply, making it look almost like ceremonial bow of some sort.
"Try to ask Dixie..."
>Your vision was getting blurry.
>You were fading into unconsciousness.
>Soon cold darkness engulfed you, allowing you to rest.
>"Observe her breathing, I will get that Dixie here!" was the last thing you heard.

I'm rather tired, but not exhausted. I can leave this here and make you wonder about Spring's condition or, if you want, I can post one more time.
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