You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2016-01-31 08:01:06 No. 26313545
Close call.

>The darkness was not bad, sticky and heavy like in the maze.
>It was warm, like a pleasant night in your soft bed back at home, when you were a little filly.
>When you knew war only from history lessons and those scary movies watched by your dad sometimes.
>You felt like you could stay in it's comfy embrace for a long time. Maybe even forever.
>However you weren't blessed with peace. Something tugged you.
>A small, ugly thing, resembling a horrible cross between filly and a fetus.
>It had word 'reality' written on its back.
>The abomination jerked your leg brutally for a second time and you heard distant voice.
>"Place her here!"
>You turned around, barely withholding an urge to kick away the thing that was now drooling on your left hindleg.
>"... internal bleeding. I don't think we will..."
>A sound of something resembling dry stick snapping was audible on figurative border of your hearing.
>Creature standing by your rear suddenly climbed you and bit you in the chest."
"Ow, you little..."
>A flash of light hit you for a second, casting both the inviting darkness and terrible beast away.
>"Try to give her a bit of salted snow, or water with ice, her throat is intact. Hold her in place, she shouldn't be laying!"
>Darkness returned, calming you down. It felt cold for a while, then familiar and awaited warmth returned.
>"We will lost her without a surgeon..."
>>"Then find one, for fucks sake!"
>Two different voices came from the creature's parody of a mouth. It was close, watching.
>You wished you could get rid of it somehow.
>But you had no idea how. More sounds of snapping sticks went through your ears.
>Suddenly a terrible series of coughs went through your throat, making the darkness around you even more nice, comfy and welcoming.
>Like it wanted to relieve your misery.
>But the 'reality' didn't want to let you go.
>"She's waking up" someone noticed in a dead voice.
>"Somepony guard these stairs!"
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