You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2016-02-01 02:34:12 No. 26321308
Unicorns are natural at telekinesis not telepathy. We've never even heard of a unicorn that can use it.

2016-02-01 02:36:20 No. 26321327
they were moving their ears like this a lot.
move your ears like venom did
that's when they showed up. something changelings do?

2016-02-01 02:54:07 No. 26321530
>Even more scribbling. At this rate you will become a poet.
>Or an unicorn bleeding to death because lung injury, which for some reason almost made you laugh. You were not sure why, but it wouldn't be a happy giggle.
>"Look at me" Clean did her task of reading your words fairly well, she was even accenting it properly, so it sounded more like acting than simple reading.
>All the ponies present - two mares and a stallion armed with recovered pistol - looked at you.
>You flicked your ears here and there, then perked them more slowly. All the ponies looked confused.
>"This is what Venom was doing. Last time just before the attack."
>"It looked like you were only adjusting your ears to hear better, nothing more. Are you sure this is some fancy unicorn magic he could perform?" female sibling asked you curiously and you wrote some more.
>"Even if Venom used telepathy, I couldn't feel it. Unicorns lift stuff and move it around, not communicate via their brains and magic. As far as I know, nopony could do this."
>"Aha. So even if it was telepathy, we don't know this. Did you decide something about the messanger? Whirl... I'm not going to send one of the better scavengers away."
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