You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2016-02-01 03:33:30 No. 26321964
can't really do anything about that. Can we have a knife? Telekinesis is something we should still be able to do.

2016-02-01 03:53:10 No. 26322193
>"Spring... always thinking in advance, don't you?" you noticed a single tear on Cleans cheek when after she read your words, silently this time.
>"What now?"
>"She wants a knife to defend herself if the changelings come."
>"Right. Wait a while."
>It didn't took the second earth pony currently accompanying you to bring you a fine, almost military grade knife.
>Almost, becasue it wasn't in use for fourty years now, but it was a nice thing to have within your physical and magical reach anyway.
>In the meantime, fight on the stairs must have gone worse than you tought, because two ponies already retreated somewhere, you heard their hooves clopping on the floor.
>For a second you thought you heard Hran shouting something, but the short fusillade muffled every other sound.
>Soon an unicorn mare, Silktouch, stuck her head through the door only to say:
>"Whirl is in the air!" then she disappeared.
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