You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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>Even after the operation and magically enhanced healing process you couldn't reach full health as fast as you wished.
>Especially by the fact that situation in the hospital was pretty far from good. Potions were used only on worst of wounds and you could consider yourself lucky two of them were given to you. One of them was a part of allowance, other you received thanks to your schooltime friend Aspirin.
>But there was a clearer indicator of how bad it was. Your diet.
>One slice of bread with tiny cube of butter for breakfast, thin vegetable soup, four potatoes and little bundle of hay for dinner and another slice of bread with thin layer of green paste on it for supper.
>You literally could eat better if you used your own supplies.
>News from the nice officer didn't come yet, so you could try to pass the time somehow.
>The nurse caring for you warned you that you should avoid breathing very deeply or sharply, holding breath, putting yourself in stress and talking for too long. Yelling was absolutely not an option.
>Yeah, you could try to talk with ponies sharing the room with you.
>It's not like you will hurt yourself by some quiet chat.
>A pony on your left probably wasn't in the mood for talking. He...
>Don't puke, Spring!
>His lower jaw was mostly gone along with his right eye.
>That one on the right seemed like a better choice. A mare, pegasus.
>She had bandage covering right side of her head, but apart of that injury she seemed to be okay.
>What should you say to her?
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