You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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>You waved your hoof at her awkwardly, trying to get her attention.
>She didn't seem to be unhappy about her situation, so you felt you could risk talking to her. Maybe she won't ignore you or tell you off for disturbing her.
"Um... hi?" you said quietly, partially because you weren't certain about it and partially thanks to your slowly healing injury.
>"Oh, hi" she said, turning around so suddenly it was a bit unnerving. "I didn't notice you before, how are you?"
>Just... how? You were in this room for three days now.
"I'm fine I guess" you replied in surprise.
>The mare cheerfully clapped her hooves.
>"Great to hear this! What brings you here?"
>Blinking, you wondered what could happen to her to make her so interesting, to put it gently.
>You started to suspect that she might not be completely in this world.
>Well, she did have a bandage on her head.
"Someone thought it would be a good idea to test his pistol on my chest" you explained shortly.
>The pegasus looked at you, her eyes widened a bit.
>"Seriously? Who would be so irresponsible? It is widely known that bullets are bad to your health. You poor thing!"
"I'm recovering, don't worry. Could you say what happened to you?"
>"Like, why I am in this room with you?"
"Eeee, yes?"
>"I can't remember!" she said with jingling laughter. "One day I was walking around my cozy basement and suddenly bam, I'm here!"
>She definitely was in the mood to have a chat, that's for sure.
>Any more questions?
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