You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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ask what her home was like; What does she think of her stay so far? Other then that there aren't that many questions I can think of to ask.

2016-02-02 01:54:01 No. 26331082
>She was humming to herself while you were thinking of any more questions you could ask her.
>Getting her name will probably be a proper start.
"May I ask your name?"
>"Sure! My name is... uhh... ummm..."
"You don't remember?"
>"Yes, I do! I just need some time. S..., no. Wait, yes. Sp... Splinter. My name is Splinter. And yours?"
"Spring" you said and she smiled brightly at you.
>"Beautiful name! Together, we're the SS team. You get it? Because both our names star with this letter."
>You decided that chuckling would be polite, so you did it, even if her joke was a little childish.
>But you had come up with your first question.
"What was your home like, Splinter?" you said, wondering if you may met a neighbour by any chance. You helped a lot of ponies around this part of the city when you were here.
>Mostly after the shellings. One of which took away Brisk.
>"What it was like? Hmmm. I had a soft carpet in my sleeping room. Oh, and there that one stallion living with me, we were engaged and all that. Or maybe married already? Eh, it's not that important I guess. We also had a nice, Arabian styled lamp, and a TV, and cupboard full of board games. I love board games! I wonder where this stallion could be now."
"Wasn't he with you?" you asked curiously. He should be if he was her husband.
>"I think he was. Like, before I got here. We were even in the same basement, you know?"
"Yeah, I know. Do you maybe remember his name?"
>After these words she lowered her head.
>For the first time you saw her drop her merry attitude towards everything around her. It was a fast mood change.
>"No..." she answered quietly, looking at her forelegs.
>Her willingness to talk was visibly disappearing.
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