You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2016-02-02 02:36:09 No. 26331546
It's ok. The things you mentioned are nice. Though going back home would be better. If they don't have board games then maybe we can just ask for a pen and paper and try to make one up.

2016-02-02 03:29:55 No. 26332053
"It's fine, I like it" you said after a while of hestitation and the mare clapped her hooves again, but less vigorously this time.
>"I'm happy you like it here. It would be a shame if you didn't. It's a very bad thing to sit in a place you don't like all day and all night. I... I think I felt something like it before. I can't remember when, but I probably was in a place I didn't like."
>You rised your eyebrow, curiously looking at pegasus, who was regaining her joyfulness. However you decided against asking her for any details, you would probably get another 'I don't remember' answer, maybe you would make her sad again.
"So about those board games..." you started "may you call somepony? I can't yell."
>"Sure thing, Spring! Halo? Hallooooo~?" she turned her muzzle towards the door, beginning to gleefully sing at the end. "Ha-ha-ha-halloooo~?"
>Then she stopped, perking her only exposed ear towards the entrance, waiting.
>But nopony came, even after a longer while.
>Whole place was somewhat more silent, excluding occasional patient shriek or things like this. Strange.
>You did your best trying to hear anything, moving your ears slowly.
>By sheer luck you catched a muffled sound from behind the nearest wall. It was hard to discern, but it was like somepony was speaking.
>Not close, though. It was like a radio.
>Radio! For quite a time you weren't able to listen to it, to hear the news from Equestria!
>Standing up wasn't too difficult, you felt a sting of pain for just a short moment.
>You trotted towards the exit, but you were stopped by wary mare voice.
>"Are you allowed to go outside? I can't leave without calling one of those helpful ponies, like I was a little filly. Don't go, they might tell you off!"
>She was genuinely concerned.
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