You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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"They won't even notice" you said to calm down Splinter.
>This time her likely problems with brain actually annoyed you a little bit, but you will never tell her this. Moreover, you felt slightly ashamed of even thinking about being irritated.
>"Are you sure?"
"Yes. Just wait for me there. If they will find me, I can always say I wanted to get us a board game. Maybe I will, on my way back. What do you think?" even though you really wanted to go and hear what speaker had to say, you smiled at her.
>She returned the gesture, calming down and resting on her bed.
>"Okay. But please be back. Other ponies don't have time or mood to talk."
"Don't worry" you replied, and finally left the hospital room.
>Right away you noticed a very convenient fact - the little cubby for nurses caring for patient in this part of the hospital was just a few steps forward.
>They had windows allowing them to see patinets walking through the corridor, but this time nopony even looked this way.
>Three nurses, a doctor and two patients were sitting in the little room, looking at the radio.
>You knocked at the door gently, and one of them trotted to them.
>>"Shh!" he hushed you immediately, before you could even state your business, but he let you in.
>>"... uncontrolled weather will make the supply drops more difficult, even without enemy aeroplanes bringing down way too many bold pilots. Northern winds will bring thick clouds filled with snow over the city" said the speaker.
>>"I think those poor souls are interested in one thing. Will it get colder?" asked the other one.
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