You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2016-02-02 05:05:53 No. 26333065
Nothing. Thank you. Let's go back and play. We should invite the jawless stallion too. If he can walk. he can still nod and gesture.

2016-02-02 05:20:05 No. 26333234
"Nothing, sir. Thank you for your time" you said, waved a goodbye and went to the clubroom.
>It wasn't exactly a very short distance, but you had time to test your walking. Even if your legs weren't injured or otherwise affected by clash at the theatre, you wanted to be sure.
>It would be really sad if they would give up under you in some dangerous situation, however it looked like you were fine.
>You even trotted for a brief while, making sure you won't breathe too deeply. It was all okay.
>Clubroom was clearly used to host more wounded and injured ponies before, you noticed a slight smell of carbolic acid, sweat and blood in the air.
>Now it was serving it's proper purpose, which was allowing patients to unwind and forget about their condition for some time.
>There were five ponies in here, two mares and three stallions. They weren't doing anything particularly interesting: reading, playing chess, talking to each other.
>Do you wish to engage in conversation or simply take some games and return to Splinter? She might be worried, but on the other hoof she was an adult mare, wasn't she?
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