You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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>"Okay! I will ask him!"
"No, wait" but it was already too late, the pegasus merrily pounced towards his bed and poked him.
>"Hey, mister! Mister! Do you want to play a game with us?" she asked.
>He was obviously silent, but he moved in his bed, getting up slowly.
>He looked at Splinter and you with emptiness in his only eye.
>Much to your surprise, he shortly nodded in agreement.
>"Awesome!" the mare was now close to becoming personification of joy. "I never thought you would agree, mister! You seemed so reclusive, quiet all the time and all!"
>The stallion sent her 'the look'. She didn't seem to notice or care.
>Soon all three of you were playing snakes and ladders, Splinter's presence helping you with holding your spirits high.

>Hours passed by, one after another, soon the Sun hid herself from your gaze below the horizon.
>You didn't have to use checkers, your roommates were satisfied with remaining board games.
>However you were tired, and the stallion also looked like he could use a nap.
>Only pegasus mare was still very energeting, eager to play again.
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