You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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>The night was less peaceful than previous ones during your time here.
>At first, you were tired, under stress and medicaments, which dulled your senses and quietened your mind. After closing your eyes you usually fell into a dreamless pit of darkness, and woke up next day.
>Since you were getting better, the comfortable shelter from reality was falling apart, when all what happened finally started to get to you.
>Pictures, sounds.
>You were awaken by a commotion from the bed opposite to yours. In the dark of the night a pony was crepitating, breathing shortly and sharply.
>And you couldn't make a single noise, nor movement. Sleep paralysis took control over your body, immobilizing you like tight ropes used by Last Wish when she was about to kill you.
>Was it a dream or she was seriously standing somewhere here?
>What about those sudden whispers?
>Your breath became shallow, heart was beating strongly, like it was about to leave your ribcage and escape on it's own.
>As the time went by, all the noise made by pony laying somewhere there gasping for air gradually faded. Silence fell upon the dark room, not even a single light shining in gloom.
>Calm down, you were saying to yourself every five seconds, it's a dream. Nothing is real here, right?
>Soon sunshine will force the darkness and all nightmares to retreat. You will wake up.
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