You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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>You woke up. Covered in sweat, your linen was really messy, but you were awake.
>Splinter was already standing over your bed, using her forelegs to prop herself on it's side.
>"Wakey, wakey, Spring!" she greeted you with her wide, childish smile. "Guess who's here. Doctors!"
>Indeed, when you sat on your bed, trying to pull yourself together, not remembering too much from the night passed, two doctors and a nurse were standing by the bed opposite to yours.
>They were discussing something, while nurse made notes.
>"If they are here, soon we will have breakfast! Isn't it nice?"
>Your head was aching a bit when you listened to her chirpy voice. Where was she getting all this energy?
>But she was right this time, when the doctors finally left - the bed they were standing around was covered by a white sheet - a different nurse appeared, attending to every bed and leaving breakfast ration.
>When it was her turn to leave you, two rather dreary looking stallions took the covered bed away.
>Splinter didn't seem to care, but you were smart enough to put the facts together. Somepony died.
>In the hospital.
>Weren't these facilities serving to prevent deaths?
>"Sooooo~ what about playing monopoly? I have to win at least once!"
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