You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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>Later in this day Hran will come to visit you. You will be free from the pegasus menace.
>Until then, you had to get every moment you could before she will sit in front of you with board on the ground, dice in her hooves and immense happines sparkling in her eyes.
>You were already feeling sorry for the poor stallion who will have to stay with her when you will be away. Because you sure weren't going to play any board games right now, even if they suddenly appeared right on your bed.
"We will play, but first I have to... do stuff, and then bring the games here, okay?" you finally answered the mare who was still silently waiting for you to say a word.
>She was a bit down, but not too much.
>"Okay, but will you be here soon?"
"Yes, don't worry. Get this guy a paper sheet and a pencil, so you could have a chat."
>"What does paper and pencil have to do with talking?" she was sincerely curious, but the stallion in mention looked at her with disapproval shining in his eye.
"It's simple. You will talk, and he will write his responses on paper. This isn't too hard to understand."
>"Riiiiight, I think I get it. But be back, Spring!"
>You left them alone.

>The clubroom wasn't crowded, but there were definitely more ponies than yesterday sitting here and doing various things.
>One of them, a middle-aged stallion, was sacrificing all his time and strength to a small TV standing in the corner, simple and hoof-made tools around him.
>A small group of colts and fillies in their teens were surrounding a tourist map of Fillydelphia, trying to guess where the Dogs could be and which buildings were already wrecked by artillery and bombs.
>General mood was good.
>You could go and pester these ponies you spotted immediately, or look for somepony else to talk to, maybe less busy.
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