You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2016-02-03 10:27:17 No. 26339872
We could tell those fillies and colts which areas are destroyed considering we know a bit.
we could also ask the stallion how good he is at fixing things and remark how clever he is for using these hoof made tools but we have a friend we can ask to bring actual tools.

2016-02-03 11:07:05 No. 26340134
>You smoothly approached the playing teens, not getting any interest from them.
>From what you could hear - they liked to loudly argue a lot whenever a filly or colt were taking their guess, trying to judge if the assumption was true or false.
>The game was simple: take a wild guess about Dog presence or damaged famous building and make everypony else you were right.
>Props if you could back your guess up with information audible from the radio and confirmed by adults, this was basically instant win.
>You felt like you could participate in their little fun, but would it be right to join? Some things about the damage in the city you knew from your own experience, other informations you got from radio news or the soldiers.
>Nah, maybe later, only to win a round or two. You wouldn't feel good with ruining all the joy these kids could get from the game.
>The guy sticking his tools in the TV didn't seem to be awfully busy, if you were the one to judge. He didn't swear, nor he was showing signs of anger. He was patient, maybe a bit slow, but very studious.
"Morning" you greeted him casually, and he turned around.
>>"Oh. Hey there. What brings you to this old fart Nippers? You can call me Nip for short, I don't mind."
"I just saw you there, sitting by this device and I wondered what are you doing?"
>>"I'm trying my best to make this TV work on batteries. They don't want to waste any energy from hospital generator and I understand it. All the medical machinery keeping the ponies alive is much important than a colorful screen."
"And how is it going?"
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