You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2016-02-03 02:24:30 No. 26341653
we could try to be cheeky and say " after having saved me it's the least this noble mare can do to show you her gratitude."
we could also just say that we really wanted to and we're going to give him another one when he leaves.

2016-02-03 03:02:53 No. 26342062
>Forming a response was so difficult, like your tongue was paralyzed.
>Fighting with intense heat burning your cheeks you tried to grin cheekily, preparing to surprise him even more with some nice speech.
"A-after you have saved me this is the least thing I can do to show you my gratitude" you said, trying hard to make your tone appropiate for a lady from these romance books.
>Then you suddenly realized how did it sound, and you wanted to shrink where you were standing, to disappear.
>The earth stallion mumbled something and you managed to get one clear and understandable word out of it. 'Food.'
>Oh yes, he was supposed to bring you some of your stock, so you could eat more than what was given to you.
>Without any other word, he opened his pouch and began to place several cans and jars it contained on the table.
>Ponies gathered in the clubroom went silent for a second, some of them looking at these things with desire in their eyes.
>One look from Hran made them return to whatever they were currently doing.
>Those teens you saw before were looking second or two longer, but not at your stuff. They were focusing on him.
>Your friend took a short look around, as if searching for something on the walls, then he shrugged and turned his gaze on you.
>In the meantime both of you regained composure. Then he did something surprising.
>>"Can I smoke here?" he asked warily, getting a pack of cigarettes out of his pouch. "Don't you worry if not, I came to see you, not to poison the patients."
>He tried to joke.
>>"When they will let you out? You shouldn't be here for too long or you may get even fatter thanks to the diet."
>Finally your blush started to fade.
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