You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2016-02-03 04:21:56 No. 26342764
We could tell him what we went through when we were walking around in the theater and you plan to go back there once you're ready. We can also tell him why the changeling attack happened in the first place. You're bringing torches. That might get him to open up a little more.

We can also tell him how boring the hospital stay was and that there is a pegasus mare that's making us play a lot of games. They're fun though.

2016-02-03 05:42:45 No. 26343441
>Before Hran finished his cigarette and returned to you, looking more like you remembered him, you already prepared a few things.
>Now you just had to smoothly include them into your conversation and steer him towards talking.
>Which is probably easier said than done.
>Some time passed on a casual chit-chat about your health, what was going on in the basement, that kind of stuff.
>You even jokingly complained to him about Splinter making you and your male roommate playing games with her. This little thing made your friend smile weakly.
>Then things started to get more serious when you returned to the changeling topic again, but Hran didn't seem to avoid it that much since you kept away from the fight.
>For the time being you focused on your experiences in the cinema.
>He didn't know too much about your plans related to it, since he wasn't with you when you were discussing whole thing with ast, before she made a luckily unsuccessfull attempt of sending you to pony heaven.
>>"What you were even doing there?" your comrade asked when you said about beginning of your journey, mentioning the cinema. "It doesn't sound like a place filled with useful stuff."
"You see, Hran, due to words of that guardsmare in primary school and Wish's, there was a stash hidden in this building" you explained, glad that he was engaged in conversation.
"I got there with ease, whole neighbourhood was damaged and mostly abandoned, so I had no problems. But then all the fun started."
>>"What do you mean, somepony was waiting for you? Bandits?"
"Okay, so listen carefully..."
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