You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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>You briefly told you what happened in the cinema. Everything you knew about the maze, you told Hran about your meeting with Sincere Apology and the mysterious crazy mare looking exactly like you.
"I'm still not sure if she was real" you said.
>>"She should be if you were able to lift her."
"But what about her appearance?"
>You friend had no answer for that, so you continued.
>He was rather interested in the screen part, shooting question after another. All of them were related to your feelings and experiences, and you told him everything you could remember.
>Then you told him off for chuckling when you mentioned smelling sounds. Or was it tasting them?
>Your tale went on, and both of you were in quite a good mood during your account regarding tricking Venom into believing you had lost your mind. Despite the danger you were in back then, now it sounded funny. In that special purport of fun.
>Hranchak seemed to easily understand why the changelings stormed the Royal Theatre.
>This time he actually said something about the event.
>He clenched his teeth when mentioning that attackers were not taking any prisoners and they were disposing of wounded ponies.
>>"Those bastards were truly barbarians. And one of them even shot his own fallen comrade when we layed our hooves on him, to patch him up and then send him to the restroom"
>>"Ponies were mad, but we were overwhelmed. Situation was so bat that when I brought the guns and weapons, they saw me as a hero. And after I told Tinpot about our fight at the fifth floor, he made me his secondary-in-command. I don't really know why, but I even got my own... let's call it a squad. I had to secure the stairs."
>He was talking on his own. Without your intervention. Your plan might be working.
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