You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2016-02-03 05:45:52 No. 26343481
Gotta fix one sentence.
>>"I saw a pony sneaking towards the waiting room door. He was armed in a nasty, military knife. I recognized him as one of us, but his behaviour was so suspicious!"
>>"I acted instinctually, almost without thinking. I brought a gun I wielded in place of non-lethal Salty up to my eye and shot."
>>"It was a direct headshot, the force turned him around a bit and he fell dead."
>>"You know what happened after he fell?" he took your shoulders and started to shake you lightly. "Do you want to know?"
"I do!" you stammered.
>>"He didn't turn back into a bug. He. Didn't. Turn. Back" Hran wasn't even crying at this point. He was just blankly staring into the floor.
>You noticed that whole waiting room went completely silent.
>Even frontline, so close to this hospital, wasn't loud at this moment.
>>"I killed one of my own ponies, Spring. One of these, who I was supposed to lead into a battle and get them back out alive."
>>"I... they noticed. My comrades. They didn't say a single word and that guy was officially killed by the enemy. I spent some time just standing there and looking at him."
>>"This is when I started to smoke. One of my ponies approached me and offered me a cigarette to 'calm down, unwind a bit', his words, not mine. He was a retired police officer, maybe this is why he was so calm. Or perhaps he already saw too much."
>>"I was praised for being a good leader, but this wasn't something I deserved. I have failed him."
>After these words, he shakily got another cigarette and lit it up without even thinking about walking outside.
>Nopony came to reprimand him.
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