You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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"And experience was not on your side, you said this aloud. It's not your fault you have fallen for their ruse."
>>"You could see through it."
"I couldn't. I could only assume things. Me and Bunia have came up with a theory, related to changelings, and the more time this war rages on, the more proof I have that we were right all along. But if it wasn't this, I would be long dead."
"Hran. You did good. You saved as many ponies as you could. If theatre guys praised you, it means you rightfully deserved it and you proved yourself to be a capable leader."
"His sacrifice and your fight will not be in vain. The military has a changeling as a prisoner. Soon the war will be over. Days of these bugs are numbered. you just have to believe."
"Try to get over it. Not forget, but make peace with yourself. Go there and say sorry to him if it will help you, but if you won't come to your senses, the guilt will kill you."
"What will your grandmother do without you to help her?"
>Even though he was still quiet and his muzzle devoid of any expression, you could see that after your last words his ears moved and he rose his head a little bit.
>>"I need some time. A-are you okay with me going back home for now?"
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