You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2016-02-04 05:25:37 No. 26353249
Logic tells me that we should stay here because we have a lung injury we shouldn't be straining ourselves or breathing in harmful gases.
Also. Shit. Splinter can't come in now.

2016-02-04 06:08:15 No. 26353710
Two conflicting votes. Flipping the coin said Spring shall try to help.

>Splinter wasn't coming back for quite a time now.
>Maybe she simply tried to warn the whole hospital building, which was very large compared to possibilities of single wounded pegasus.
>Well, not physically wounded despite a head injury, but who cares about these minor details. Splinter might not make it all alone.
>And you, despite all forced board gaming, liked that mare. You wannted to help her.
>Thus you focused on making your muzzle cover more useful against the gas andafter ensuring it won't fall off without a reason in the middle of big poisonous cloud, you bid farewell to the heavily injured stallion, who was busy with covering other ponies.
>He nodded at you, and after this you left you room.
>That one gas bomb in the middle of corridor wasn't helping. You coughed a bit.
>Nurses in their cubby were just finishing choking to death, their eyes wide and tongues out.
>Everything was covered in thin, yellow-green mist.
>Some of the doors were wide open, and sight inside rooms behind them wasn't very pleasant.
>Splinter was nowhere to be found.
>There were some places you could look for that poor silly mare.
>The hospital kitchen, place loved by all patients.
>Clubroom, centre of life in your ward. Board games were stored there.
>Admission room, always crowded with ponies of all age and three races.
>Heavy injuries ward entrance, place easy to reach but hard to enter, doctors always asked for a reason to come there.
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