You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2016-02-06 02:56:41 No. 26371745
And waste more water getting cleaned? I think we should stay and hope that the soldiers can do better then we can.

2016-02-06 03:00:54 No. 26371791
We already braved enough poison for one day and he seemed smart enough to head for higher ground if he needed to.

2016-02-06 03:10:11 No. 26371874
>This time you decided to listen to yur common sense more than call of duty, which was making you save ponies or at least try to do so.
>Soldiers probably already found him, if they were checking room by room, and brought him up here. They were trained and all.
>Besides, you thought about all the water that went down the drain to clean the poisonous fume off your body. Wasting it would not only make you feel bad, but it also could cause kickback from the hospital personnel.
>This time you were not playing a hero. With this in your mind you took a nap.

>Luckily, this time your sleep was undisturbed and you woke up well rested and feeling a bit better.
>And then the waiting began.
>Time passed, for the whole day you got no news regarding your roommates and teens you saved, but you were able to eavesdrop or even talk.
>Nurses were definitely in the mood to share their concerns.
>When all of the survivors were secured, soldiers sent a messenger with demand for necessary equipment or help.
>He returned with a formidable squad including some pegasi. They cleaned lower floors from the gas cloud, making hospital fully operational again in several hours.
>Then the facility was flooded with military and civillian victims of the attack.
>Tens of them were filling the whole place with their painful screams, calls for help and general presence, not always welcomed.
>Your earth pony friend, Hranchak, didn't show up today.
>To make things worse, your recovery will take a while longer.

Fast forward until full recovery?
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