You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2016-02-06 03:12:11 No. 26371894
Yeah let's fast forward our recovery. We should also ask if we can leave "early" to make more room for them.

2016-02-06 03:53:42 No. 26372234
>Nurses were very talkative when not busy, but they didn't know everything about condition of all ponies present in the hospital. They were of no use if you want to know what happened to your roommates and unfortunate pair of teens.
>It took you another day of sitting in bed and one more bath to finally be allowed to go outside your room and ask for them.
>And find out their whereabouts. It seemed that by rather mean turn of events they were located in three different places.
>Splinter was in the recovery ward, with you but in different room this time. Jawless pony and stallion teen were in intensive care ward. Remaining mare teen was in the morgue. She had nothing covering her muzzle and she was exposed to the gas for longer time.

>Days were passing by, but one was not similar to another.
>After the gas attack frontline reminded everypony about it's existence. Shellings returned to haunt you, at first rarely, then the were happening twice or thrice a day. They weren't aimed at this building in particular, just pounding the whole area.
>Senior registrar tried to prevent the facility from being bombed or gassed, so he came up with the idea of placing a massive piece of white cloth with red patch sign on it.
>The hospital had been shelled twice since then.
>Splinter had to be relocated to your room, for only you were able to calm her down. She had an artillery fire related phobia. This was the time you learned what you suspected since yo met her for the first time.
>She lost her home and possibly her spouse or whoever he was to a bombardment.
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