You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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"I think it's here somewhere. Why... Ohhh!"
>How could you forget?
"It's reacting to magic. Changelings probably use magic to disguise themselves, so if this crystal will react, we could assume we are talking to a spy!"
>>"Well, if the pony in mention is not an unicorn. You know, when your stone will react to earth pony or pegasus, the answer is clear, but pinhead might make things difficult."
>You cringed when you heard the racial slur, but didn't say anything.
"I will look for it. Okay. So now there's something important I have to ask you. How we're on supplies?"
>As if you casted a spell, everypony present all of a sudden started to look serious. Not sad or angry, however cheerful atmosphere disappeared partially.
>"All this moving between shelters without proper preparation wasn't good for our stock. We lost some stuff and we had to pay a price in food and meds for living in the previous place" Cushions began her explanation slowly, as if she was worried you may scold her or be angry. Or maybe she was trying to avoid putting too much stress on your back. "We have five days worth of food, we have only one water filter and one third of our medical supply is gone."
>>"But hey, look at the bright side. We didn't reveal we posses antibiotics, so they are still here. Also we can melt snow now, when I will finally make another improvised stove. Almost everything around is requisitioned by the military."
"This is not good."
>"We know" this time it was Kalina's turn to take the floor.
"But don't worry, we've been in worse conditions. I believe we will come up with something and prevail."
>>"Me too."
>"Me three" added green mare immediately after Hranchak.
>"Me fourth" crippled mare was the last one to speak.
>She was looking at you so you could see her eyes. Eyes are window to the soul and in her soul you could spot hint of doubt.
"Did you finished your books?" you asked casually, to change the topic of conversation.
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