You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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"It's just..." you made a wavy mouth and looked at Clean for support. "I'd prefer to scare others over killing them."
>Cushions nodded in clear agreement and you noticed that Kalina drove herself closer to you.
>She was looking at her grandson expectantly and with worry.
>Under three glares he started to jiggle around and soon he sighed.
>>"I agree" he said, but without the usual energy. "So I will need mostly the same parts, but bangers and maybe fireworks instead of real explosives. It will be safer for you to get, that's one good thing."
"Okay, I will remember this. But first let's get stuff needed for the stove. I don't want to freeze down here."
>"None of us wants this to happen."
>>"So it is settled. I'll prepare tools and get ready. I think I will need only nice iron container, maybe a furnace door if you feel like it and devinitely something to cover the upper part of said container. With some luck you will find a fitting lid."
"Okay everypony, now we know our tasks and... wait."
>Do you want to take Clean with you this time or you prefer to go alone, or do the opposite and sent her on her own?
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