You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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What happened before:

Last thread:
>Since passing the barricade, all three of you were constantly on the run.
>To lose your tail and attempt to cheat the enemy so they wouldn't discover your objective, you've decided to take a detour.
>Soon you returned back to your route again, learning that probably someone raised an alarm, because you had to constantly avoid Doggish patrols and makeshift posts.
>In one of small alleyways you've stumbled upon a poor civillian mare, who was hurt and placed on a landmine. After overcoming initial fear of failure, you cautiously helped her.
>Then to make sure the mine won't explode right in your face, you and Hran put some debris on top of it.
>A time passed, you weren't really able to tell how long was it.
>But you've learned that mines are pretty useful. And that fighting on the enemy land while being outnumbered and outgunned was a stupid thing to do.
>Thus, you went for the sewers, then emerged in some abandoned factory, turned into a garage for finest of Canidian vehicles.
>With some good thinking, little gears and high dosis of luck you managed to sneak out of the sewers and close to the farthest back door, likely meant for evacuation.
>Now, you and your friends were sitting under two trucks parked side by side, and observing the perimeter.
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