You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2015-09-05 12:28:07 No. 24571425
>Already five months have passed since first Dog soldier entered Equestria, at least radio said it some time ago.
>A month ago, you remember, first shell fell upon your home city of Fillydelphia, which is now presumably besieged by enemy forces, who, as you know, are relentless in their attempts to conquer it, or at least turn it into a nice pile of rubble.
>You [player description needed] are sitting right in the middle of a little, mostly wooden house near the outskirts, which is yet mostly intact by intense bombardments and artillery strikes.
>It is relatively calm place that you have stumbled upon about a day before, right after some Equestrian soldiers expelled you from your place in block of flats, which they needed "for wounded ponies". At least they gave you some hay as a compensation, right?
>Cold wind rushes throught broken windows, giving you slight chills, leaves from nearby tree fly by you like really late butterflies. Clouds gather on the horizon, it will most likely rain later.
>Sun rises, accompanied by muffled sound of explosions and gunshots.
>You haven't check what this place has to offer yet, all you can see now is some moderately small piles of rubble and trash, and passages to other rooms.

You can survive two (2) days thanks to the supplies you have gathered. You aren't able to treat any wounds you might have. You can't recover from any disease. House isn't safe against the bandits. You don't posess any weapons.

[I may regret it, but I am starting a CYOA, text based one. You most likely already know the premise. You have to choose who are you in the first place, then your main quest will be to survive and maybe, just maybe, manage to flee from war-torn Fillydelphia. You can influence the game world, willingly or not. You can even be killed if you are not careful enough. If my English will become unbearable, let me know, I will search for more words and drink less alcohol ]

2015-09-05 01:29:45 No. 24572054
>Ah yes, you think you got it now, with a little help of a shattered mirror nearby. You gazed for a short while at one of the biggest pieces of glass, just to see young, surprisingly clean, young unicorn mare, with slightly curly light-gray mane and skyblue fur.
>How could you forget what do you look like in the first place, you are a smart pony after all.
>And your smartness ordered you to look for what your new place has to offer. First room on the left was formerly a kitchen. There's a fridge that isn't working, a gas stove with oven, several cupboards and a table with four chairs.

2015-09-05 02:28:57 No. 24572780
>You have decided to check the cupboards. All of them seemed untouched and were covered in dust. When you opened the first one, you have found some cutlery, among it a good bread knife and numerous dishes: plates, pots of various sizes, mugs.
>The next cupboard gave you a bucket of potatoes, three onions and some mice that runned away squeaking. Every other piece of food in there wasn't fit for use, either decomposing or contaminated by mouse shit. You couldn't reckognize most of it thanks to it's current state.
>The third one contained detergents, nothing really useful in your current situation.
>And finally, in the last cupboard you have found was full of canned goods, fruits mostly. They sure were full of sweet treats and, what is more important, juice that could hydrate your young body. However you know that among the cutlery found in the first cupboard there wasn't any can opener, which made things more difficult.
>The Sun is slovly covered by thick, dark clouds. Shooting in the distance fades.
>What now?

You can survive four (4) days thanks to the supplies you have gathered, seven (7) if you manage to open the cans. You aren't able to treat any wounds you might have. You can't recover from any disease. House isn't safe against the bandits. You posess an ordinary kitchen knife.

2015-09-05 03:40:03 No. 24573657
Passing of time in this adventure is mostly relative, which means you can fast-forward to the night/day, when you decide you are finished. You can explore both during day and night, althought in daytime area that is fit for exploration and/or scavenging is limited, until you want to remain relatively safe, that is.
Encounters will be real-time wherever I will be present.

>As you could see when you have entered kitchen, fridge was not working. Supplies stored in it were completely rotten, even really hungry pony would think twice before trying to eat any food there.
>And you weren't that hungry, especially when stench, until now confined within the fridge, filled your nostrils.
>However you were one lucky mare. On the bottom of the freezer you have found some water from melted ice. Not very clean, but it will do for now.
>Apart of the wooden furniture and stove, kitchen was devoid of any useful things.

2015-09-05 04:34:16 No. 24574334
>You have decided move into the room next to the kitchen.
>It was a small bedroom with broken window allowing you to look into the tiny garden featuring a hole right in the middle of it and to see the city in the distance. City would definitely look better without all the smoke pillars raising from various places, occasional flowers of explosions appearing on the buildings or fires here and there.
>As for the bedroom. It has no more furniture than simple bed without matress or bedclothes, a wardrobe, bookshelf and small cabinet beside the bed.
>Cabinet is open and empty, wardrobe seems completely normal, apart from the dust covering it, and that few books on the bookshelf look like they were moved in a great hurry.
>You notice that one board behind bookshelf has slightly different colour.
>This is the last room on this side of the house.

2015-09-05 05:03:59 No. 24574731
>Contents of wardrobe were as regular as they could, maybe a bit damp, most likely thanks to the broken window - rather poor barrier against humidity present in the air.
>There were three fancy dresses, one of them has some jewellery or something like that before, you could tell because something was definitely torn off the cloth.
>There was also a light cloak. Not any single piece of outfit that could give you any warmth.
>After searching the wardrobe you proceeded to see what's in the books. Titles were pretty ordinary: "A Stallion that left me", "How to cook fancy meals for a hooffull of bits" or "Gone with the bombs". It was quite hard to read them, because pages were moist, some sticked to each other. Books can be useful when dried first.
>Last thing you did was to try to move the bookshelf to see what's with the odd board behind it.
>At first you couldn't move it more than a few milimeters, but then you have realized that you have your horn for a reason.
>With a little help from telekinesis you finally loudly put the insubordinate furniture somewhere else.
>The board behind it was loose. Removed, it revealed small, rectangular stash. It seemed to be searched before, however looters or former owner of this very home overlooked several bits and a mysterious flask.

Earned six (6) bits.

2015-09-05 05:22:57 No. 24574983
[God damn the namefagging]

>You unscrewed the flask to see that it is full of brightly pink liquid. It smell reminded you of flowery meadows you have wisited with your mother before you moved to Fillydelphia.
>After inhaling you feel warmer for a brief moment, and less tired. Likely this potion has a positive influence on you.
>Add one to one, you may have just obtained a healing potion, or something similar.
>Cheered up by your findings you trotted through the kitchen and room you were at first to the last room on the other side of the house.
>It was a bathroom, as picture of a pony sitting on a pot told you, and after a quick test it turned out to be locked from the inside.
>Door look rather weak and battered.
>Now you know that you have four rooms in the house you inhabit: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and room you saw first, probably a living room. No basement, and if there is any attic, it must be accessible from the outside.

Obtained one (1) minor healing [?] potion.

2015-09-05 06:00:20 No. 24575478
>You left the house through the hole that was a door not too long ago to see the plain lawn, still in good condition, a car stopped by disturbingly accurate artillery hit, and other houses similar to yours.
>Shelling didn't brought any of them down, but all of them seem to be empty, and one was burning some time ago. No other pony is around, not counting a body beside the destroyed car.
>There is no access to the attic, nor any hint of it, at this side of your shelter. You can easily spot a path to the other side of the building, to the garden, you suppose.
>You feel some drops of rain and soughing leaves indicate that wind is getting stronger.

2015-09-05 06:21:04 No. 24575744
>Survival first, you told yourself while approaching wrecked car and a dead pony - an average-looking, white-coated stallion - in search of something that could come in handy...
>And you reckon that this doggish pun of yours was terrible and didn't helped you at all.
>Back of the car was utterly ruined and there was no way you could get anything more than some metal scraps out of it.
>Stallion has nothing near him. You haven't seen any pouches or bags after all.
>In front part of the car sits a basket containing some mouldy bread and two buttles of mineral water, intact.
>You could also get some metal parts and maybe some electrical components, if you only had a possibility of removing them from the car.
>You took water with you and placed it with other things you have recovered and right after you trot to the garden.
>Hole is in the same place it was, right in the middle. Garden is generic, with tree of unknown species ragged by the shards. But near the fence, on the other end of the place, two raspberry bushes are growing.
>It starts to rain.

[Okay, this is it. I head to bed. It was a great pleasure to write this for you, participant Anon, and for possible lurkers. I would be happy if tomorrow about 14:30 Eastern European, possibly earlier, this thread still would be alive. If not... not everyone must succeed.]

2015-09-06 06:37:23 No. 24580906
>After an instant of getting wet in the rain pouring form the sky you have easily spotted a door on the side of the roof, facing the garden.
>You have found the entrance you were looking for, but unfortunately ladder was nowhere to be found.
>If you want to check what's stored in the attic, you have to improvise.
>Now you are hidden under the roof, listening to slowly dying sound of bombardment. It seems that Dogs want to take a break.
>Raining intensifies, wind alternatively howls lowly or whistles highly, playing it's song on broken windows and blowing leaves around. It's cold, you shiver ever so slightly.

[Consider this a bump.]

2015-09-06 08:02:27 No. 24581308
>You have returned to your battered cottage and rushed to make it at least slightly more cozy.
>For now all you did was to move most of the furniture and loose boards that you have found to block the windows and keep the cold wind, rain and, in future, other water's states of matter off your place.
>Now your shelter became spacious and more quiet. Air is not blowing through the whole place anymore, however it isn't much warmer. >That's because you haven't managed to find or construct any source of heat apart from the stove yet.
>You feel pretty worn out, like after a long run after pushing all kinds of various furniture, including wardrobe, here and there.
>You also remember that only magic has helped you to move bookshelf in the bedroom before.
>But all you have tried yet was just telekinesis.
>To sum it all up, you are physicaly weak, but your skills in moving objects via magic is above good.

You can survive four (4) days thanks to the supplies you have gathered, seven (7) if you manage to open the cans. You may be able to treat minor wounds you might have [possible healing potion]. You may recover from any disease [possible healing potion]. You have boarded the windows. House is slightly safe against the bandits and the weather. You posess an ordinary kitchen knife.

[Name assumed, sorry for mistake.]

2015-09-06 08:58:38 No. 24581595
[Unnecessary arrow in one sentence, you are now my personal enemy]
>Imagine New England, I based it on general climate of Slavic countries.
>For now it is 14 degrees C during day and 5 degrees C during night.
>You memorized a light cloak hanging in the wardrobe blocking bedroom's window. It was damp from the moisture present in air.
>You also went to check what about the bed. It was still in the same state you saw it for the first time.
>Naked wooden skeleton devoid of any matress or bedsheets. Not really nice place to lie, but if you will find something to cover bare wood it still would be better than sleeping on the floor.
>Fireplace is located in the living room, a small pile of rubble may be seen in the middle. Some chopped firewood still remain in a metal basket by it's side. There's no matches or flint on a shelf above fireplace.
>You are unsure if chimney is unobstructed, no wind is heard in there. But hey, it's not that you are going to die from carbon monoxide poisoning too fast, air is still moving in the house.
>You remove the obstacles in the fireplace.
>You use your horn to summon a sparkle. And again. Nope, you are hungry and worn out, the magic that leaves you sizzles on the wood, not doing much more.
>However, smart ponies have other ways to achieve what they want. You consider yourself as smart individual.
>Several minutes spent on bashing a nail against stone later you were looking into a nice, orange fire.
>With the heating secured for now, you trotted to the kitchen to recover a can of food.
>Azure light surrounded metal cylinder.
>You lifted it, turned it around several times, waved it sideways, but can remained closed, hiding it's treasure from you.
>You just can't form immaterial can opener or a blade.

Heating works now. Wood allows you to keep your shelter warm for two (2) days. Six (6) days more if you begin to burn furniture.

2015-09-06 10:01:56 No. 24581980
>You returned stubborn can to the cupboard again. You will have to think how you can open it later. Your eyes gazed upon drawer, the one in which you have found your knife, still containing some cutlery. Just forks and spoons, opener still haven't magically appeared inside.
>With a heavy sight you have brought books, cloak and dresses and put them by the fireplace, each separately. They should start to dry out now.
>One more time you have approached locked bathroom doors, bothered by constant thoughts of what might be awaiting you inside.
>This was the only room you haven't visited yet, curiousity was unbearable anymore. Light of your magic appeared around the lock while you've been trying to open it.
>Moving tiny pistons inside was a hard task, they resisted your force if you weren't focused enough. Yet you have finally heard a click, after what seemed to be an hour. Very tired from all recent usage of magic, you pushed the door.
>It slowly opened, allowing you to take a peek into small, windowless room, to see a bathtube, locker with a mirror, washing mashine...
>And a body.
>Middle-aged stallion hanging from the ceiling, rope tied to some pipe.
>He wasn't smelling yet, the body is pretty fresh. A day, two?
>There was a piece of paper lying near toppled stool.

[And this is it for about five hours, I must go and work my ass off during nightshift. Thank you for playing. Keep the thread alive if you wish so.]

2015-09-06 04:48:07 No. 24585863
>Forcing yourself to move, you picked up the note, deciding to postpone the unpleasant task of getting rid of dead pony's body.
>Brief inspection of the note assured you that it was indeed a letter.
>Only slightly moist, so writing was still identifiable. Moving to better lit living room gave you the possibility to decipher it.
Do you even watch morning news, dear? Probably not, since you are still SOMEWHERE ELSE and not here. Another business trip, is it? In this circumstances leaving your loved ones is irresponsible behaviour for a husband and father, wouldn't you agree? Is yor job more important to you than our safety? I'm taking our foals and moving out after tomorrow, with or without you.
Poppy Seed." you murmured to yourself.
>On the other side shaky letters formed short sentence.
"Why by the train, honey? Why the train?"
>Under it, sequence of numbers: 440152.
>After a while of gathering energy you returned to bathroom and prepared yourself.
>You untied the rope with help of your magic, but it was harder than you have expected to lower the body using it.
>Stallion landed on the floor with audible thump.

>You are tired [before: worn off] and hungry [before: slightly hungry]

[Thanks for bumping, Anons. I am present for at least one and a half hour.]

2015-09-06 05:55:21 No. 24586591
[Gods of this world like you, it seems]
>Having a body in your undoubtedly comfy and almost homelike shelter wasn't on top of your wish list, certainly.
>But relocating it outside wasn't a simple task, this pony, Corkscrew you think, was taking care of his belly well before he decided to off himself.
>Which meant he was heavy and pushing him, even with you weakening magic costed you a lot. Pulling wasn't any better.
>Finally you relocated your unwanted guest by pushing, pulling and carring the living soul out of yourself.
>It was raining like cats and dogs (you spat after this word formed in your mind) outside, little stream was running down the other side of the street. And it was getting dark.
>Ground in the garden was already softer, a brown puddle formed on hole's bottom. One last push and Corkscrew's corpse rolled down right into the water, induing your effort with a squelch.
>You galloped inside, completely wet, but glad that you weren't going to sleep with some dead stallion too close.
>Clanging your teeth, you have searched the bathroom that caused you all this trouble.
>Ordinary bathtub and not working washing machine weren't interesting at all, however locker rewarded you.
>You have found one bandage, painkillers, paracetamol and a pack of patches.

>Night fell upon the city.

[This is the end of first, introductory day.]

2015-09-06 06:26:20 No. 24586968
>You lied down beside fireplace, adding few more logs to keep it burning for the rest of the night.
>Some time later, when you were dry, you decided to wrap yourself in a cloak you have placed here. It was nice and warm now.
>Rumbling tummy reminded you that you haven't eaten today yet, so you have placed one of potatoes in a small hot pile of ash to cook it.
>Gazing into the flames, lying wrapped in some soft cloth and listening to the rain hitting the roof and walls made you both comfy and extremely sleepy. And the taste of lightly burnt, hot potato was like a gift from Celestia herself.
>You wondered lazily where is she now.
>Not a minute later you were asleep, snoring ever so sligtly.
> [lower the voice to minimum]

>You were awaken by low, gentle hum coming from above. It sounded like a bee, maybe more than one. You didn't wanted to get up yet, but you remember that sound.

2015-09-06 07:33:27 No. 24587727
Basically, you are a young unicorn mare, teen to adult, that has found herself in a presumably besieged city of Fillydelphia. Times could be better, Dogs try to either take the city or blast it into oblivion. You are currently hiding your fragile horse body inside a small suburb house, more like cottage, that you managed to make more habitable by preparing a fireplace, covering broken windows with boards and furniture, getting a nice, althought not fit for colder conditions cloak and finally removing it's former inhabitant. It's autumn. You must survive.

What's a pastebin?
You can easily distinguish friendlies and enemies [duh], you know that Dogs have more than a mere infantry up their sleeve [artillery, aeroplanes]. Nothing sure about ponies. You haven't met any soldiers apart from some Equestrians that turned your previous home into lazaret, expelling you.

You took a quick peek through the crevice between boards to see that rain wasn't a concern anymore. However sky remained grey and cloudy.
>Then your wiser side pushed you to search a cover, as far from any windows as possible.
>You were lying in literal middle of the house, covering your head with your hooves and waiting for what might happen.
>Hum of flying terror was slowly fading, but not before you heard specific, long, high-pitched zing. Bombs away.
>Loud and deep, but not really close detonations made ground under you vibrate, shards of glass still present in windows started to ring quietly.
>Your brain decided that this is a perfect moment to remind you that your current hideout doesn't have any basement. YOu could swear you heard it's evil laugh.

[One more post from me and I'll go to bed, it's really late. You can ask questions freely but you will not know more than this poor nameless mare.]

2015-09-06 08:30:55 No. 24588328
>You came to conclusion that waiting in tactically correct, well-thought position...
>No, hold on. You have curled yourself up in a ball of horror, begging the enclosing sound of falling bombs to go away and leave you alone.
>Just now, sirens started to wail, barely hearable now.
>Of course they were late.
>Not a single bomb fell on your hiding place, but you were absolutely sure that last detonation was too close for your tastes. The dust falling from above helped you in your judgement. Maybe neighouring house was hit, maybe the one opposite to yours.
>At last, aeroplanes were gone, their humming disappeared in regular sounds of faraway noises.
>Enemy rarely bombed the outskirts, in fact this part could not be even close to the primal target, you saw just two craters after all.
>One of them in your garden. Barely a few meters away.
>So something must have happened. There must be a reason for this air raid, right?
>Startled and puzzled by the recent happening you carefully uncurled yourself, shot a glance to the ceiling to see that it is intact.
>Then you cautiously stuck your head through the door to see what is going on.
>Gray sky greeted you with soft, chilly breeze combing your not so clean mane.
>Opposite house was standing where it should be, fast look on your left showed you smoky, smoldering ruins.
>Well, riddle was solved swiftly.
>The wrecked car you searched yesterday was now even more destroyed, generic white stallion lying further than he should.
>Satisfied with your observations and more calm than a while ago you went to exact same place you were yesterday.
>Wooden door on the side of the roof still were there. And ladder was still just a concept in your head. You need something to help you climb to the attic entrance.

[Good night, fellow Anons. Or maybe "good day"? I will return 13 or 14 Eastern European.]

There's nothing that could stop you from going exploring and learning about weapons. Apart of common sense.

2015-09-07 05:44:24 No. 24592778
>You clearly don't have necessary means now, you thought, to check what's in the attic. Calming your curiousity with visions of old, dusty boxes, some useless artifacts left by family living there, or just good ol' nothing was easy enough.
>But there were other places that needed your attention, and maybe a little visit or two. It's not that somepony will complain about your intrusion, right?
>A new objective formed in your mind. You should look for some saddlebags, or at least a pouch. Who knows when you will need to move around?
>To some place with basement, you determined. Getting obliterated by some bomb while lying on a plain floor right in the middle of a building wasn't a nice perspective.
>Easier said than done, there weren't any bags in your range of sight.
>Nopony said that they couldn't be in one of other houses which you just recently intended to visit.
>One closest to the left was not an option anymore, you you aimed for opposite one.
>Door weren't locked, one push and they gave up, letting you into the dim cottage.
>Builded in the same way as yours, it was probably hosting bigger family, because you could spot two more beds, one of them bunk in what you assumend was living room. All of them had bedsheets and matresses intact.
>Quick but quite accurate checking of other rooms proved that only front windows are broken. And everything that could be packed and carried away, indeed was.
>All in all, house was in better condition, however it was nearly completely empty. No food, no medicaments, no spare clothes.
>Maybe you will need that toolbox over there, though. It was lying under the bathtub.
>Move on to another house, pick toolbox?

>While taking your time to decide what to do, you assumed that before clearly stating where you want to go later and what would you do there, it is wise to sum up your current knowledge about this war. Maybe then you will be thinking more clearly and be more brave.

2015-09-07 06:03:46 No. 24592845
>As you remembered, war lasts for about five months now, give or take few days.
>Manehattan has fallen already, more than three months ago. The first city to be captured by the enemy. Everypony was shocked. Who could have thought that Dogs, race seen as primivite savages, could posses the firepower that could match pony magic and weaponry?
>But they could, and they used it to an extent to make sure that during initial weeks of war Equestrian army will be pushed back and shattered as fast as it was possible.
>It took lives of thousand skilled soldiers, hundreds of powerful unicorns to stop Dog assault near Hoofington.
>Which was south from there.
>As for your city, it wasn't completely besieged week ago, you know that because Equestrian News said that some refugees managed to leave.
>You knew that from the radio. You miss the radio, music, being in touch with world outside.
>But now? Who knows. Part of suburbs you currently inhabit seems to be empty. You haven't seen any enemy forces yet.
>Not counting shellings and bombings, but it isn't really "seeing" some Dogs.

A thought shot throught your mind, simple one. How could you not have considered this option? Why just not give up, you asked yourself? It would be so easy.
>You heard that they don't treat ponies very well, although no details. It may just be propaganda. Not counting attempts to blow everything, civillian or not, but it might be misaim or somewhing, yes?
>Of course it might be.
>But you are a pony.
>Member of a race that carries light of friendship in this dark world, that's what you were taught in school.
>You didn't do anything bad, you don't deserve to be a prisoner.
>You ain't surrendering...
>Some machine gun shooting pierced your ears like an arrow.
>... yet.

2015-09-07 07:32:03 No. 24593166
>Taking toolbox with you sounded like a good idea, stuff in it can be useful, depending on what will you encounter on your way.
>Box was sturdy, and it contained a typical hosehold hammer, pliers, simple saw, pack of nails, three screvdrivers of different sizes, screws, copper wire, monkey wrench and currenly useless level.
>All tools were used often, it was easy to see. Nevertheless, it's quite a discovery, you could say.
>Thanks to your replenished magic energy you were able to pick it up and carry without any effort, but you could still use a bag.
>Walking around with your belongings flying on your sides would surely look funny, on the other hand you weren't sure how your magic will behave if you were, let's say, running.
>You carried obtained toolbox back you your shelter, just so you will know where it is if you'd decide to move out.
>Going clockwise, you visited another cottage, located on the right side of the one you were earlier.
>You looked for a brick you could use as an improvised weapon apart from a knife safely stored in your hideout.
>Unfortunate coincidence, all houses around were mostly wooden, not counting their fireplaces.
>Maybe a plank will do for now? Loot the house anyway?

2015-09-07 08:06:50 No. 24593344
>You recalled specifics of certain tools to get better view on their worth.
>Pliers were regular ones, able to hold things and cut wires. Insulation assured you that you aren't going to be struck by electricity if by some miracle officials would manage to restore it right when you'd be cutting some cables.
>Middle-sized screwdriver was flathead, biggest and smallest were phillips. You could use them either to unscrew loot attached to something or to pierce somepony.
>Generally all that toolbox had to offer could be used in accordance to intended use or as a weapon.
>Good to know.

>You have forgotten to check the doors of your looting target, but windows, upon closer examination proven boarded, and faint sound of movement inside assured you that they are most likely locked.
>Sounds of warfare were burgeoning rapidly, coming from the city borders. Explosions were replaced by gunfire.
>In these circumstances you were unable to hear anything more from the house.

2015-09-07 10:03:32 No. 24594047

>You were internally conflicted about what should you do. You have found a survivor, maybe more, but you know nothing about him or them.
>The more eager to just leave part of your consciousness got the better of curiousity and longing for contact with another living ponies.
>But what if he's hostile? If he tries to hurt you? He even could not be a pony!
>You've decided to keep your distance by returning to your shelter and started to observe, maybe mysterious occupant will reveal himself.
>As time passed and shooting in the distance became more spread, coming from three directions now, you've grown more and more impatient.
>Resident of that house was really reluctant to stick his nose outside his door, surely scared by fighting creeping closer. You also felt uneasy after all.
>You knew that morning air raid wasn't comitted just for the sole purpose of destruction.
>You were about to withdraw into your place, close the door and reinforce it just to be sure, when you heard multiple steps approaching at fast pace from city centre direction.

2015-09-07 03:12:44 No. 24597374
>You hid in shadows and closed the door slowly and as silently as you could, to not reveal your position.
>Waiting and almost holding you breath, you listened warily, task more difficult since fight raged, more nearly than ever.
>Minute or maybe more had passed before steps were audible enough to almost certainly determine that they indeed resembled patter of several horses.
>You couldn't judge how many, you must see for yourself to be one hundred percent sure.
>Not just that, also Dogs supposedly wore hobnailed heavy boots. You thought that you couldn't possibly mix those two kinds of sound, but shooting wasn't helpful at all.

2015-09-07 04:32:14 No. 24598297
You listened for a while, trying to gain information about strangers by sound they were emitting.
>You memorized the image of few Equestrian soldiers you've seen on the streets and in your block.
>Medical Service and Anti-Aircraft Defence didn't wear any shoes, and docs hadn't even their hooves hobnailed.
>But first line soldiers actually wore some light leg armour, you wasn't sure about the boots because your memory is blurred.
>You were ready to escape swiftly in case of intrusion, but it looks like nopony tried to get in your shelter.
>By retreating into deeps of cottage you used as a shelter you neglected possibility of checking who were they by your own eyes.
>Steps move towards gunfire, quieter and quieter. Finally, they have faded away.

2015-09-07 05:28:51 No. 24598881
>Unknown squad, or pack maybe was gone, you stated to convince yourself that danger isn't present anymore.
>You slunk towards the door, your nerves stretched.
>You were far away from panicking, but worry was still rooted deeply in your brain.
>You opened the door just enough to create a thin crevice, allowing you to peek outside.
>There was nopony to be found, so after a while you opened the door and left the cottage.
>You haven't spotted anything out of norm, which meant no living body nearby.
>Soldiers must have entered other street or took cover, they weren't visible. You don't know who were they, enemies or friendlies.
>You didn't care, though. More important was last house, the one on the right.
>Windows were professionally boarded, but door greeted you wide open.
>Some blood and a tooth were visible on the ground. Both were here for longer time than you.
>On the wall opposite to door, right in front of you, someone wrote: "All gone". He/she used charcoal.
>House was completely silent.

2015-09-07 05:59:14 No. 24599228
>Objective was clear: get in the house, see what it has to offer.
> And you did just that. You bypassed ugly bloodstain and proceeded to explore this household.
>As you have expected, it looked similar as your current one and as one you visited before.
>Four rooms, lawn in front, garden in back. In the garden lied a ladder with several staffs missing.
>Somepony tried to make it as safe as possible, two beds were located far away from any windows and covered by little bunker built out of other furniture.
>It was naÑ—ve to think that this bunker could reflect any bombardement, but former residents must have believed that it would work.
>In the bathroom locker you found three [!] bandages, one potion labeled "healing" looking similar, but not exaclty as one you found before, more painkillers and syringe filled with unknown content.
>One duct tape was placed conveniently in the kitchen.
>There was no food at all.

2015-09-07 06:19:44 No. 24599445
>After scrutinous searching of last nearby place you are again in your house.
>You have decided to finally call it yours, since flat you lived in was taken away from you. For a god cause, but still.
>Nopony is going to complain, only other inhabitant - Corkscrew - was currently rotting in a hole in garden.
>You took ladder with you and placed it under attic entrance. It was missing some staffs, so you were unable to climb it.
>Yet it was a step forward, you had no means to get to the attic before.
>Distant shooting intensifies.
>Clouds were starting to disperse, sun is setting.
>You are worn off, but not tired.

2015-09-07 06:40:58 No. 24599675
Thank you, 74
>There was still one thing that needs to get done after gathering and replacing your newfound precious troves.
>You need a bed, nopony likes to lie on the floor and let his bones get too chilly.
>So you've took the liberty of relocating one of beds present in your looting targets to your own cottage.
>It certainly got more cozy right after you have finished your job.
>A fireplace, a bed, bandages and medicaments, some potatoes and even canned fruit [that you couldn't open], what more could a mare like you wish for?
>Not counting all tools and kitchen knife, your trusted weapon!
>However there was one flaw that was stopping you from being fully content.
>You remembered that you had a skeleton bed at your place, so all work you had to do was magicking matress and bedsheets from one house to another.
>Yet you wasted some of your power to relocate whole bed.

2015-09-07 07:26:08 No. 24600214
>A single idea had struck your mind, simultaneously one of most basic, yet difficult to come up with during harsh times.
>You have decided to look for some scraps of paper or other things you could write on, and leave a note for survivor you've almost met!
>You found several paper shards, you've took biggest one and wrote "I want to meet with you by cottage two lots right from bombed house. Wait for me there about midday" using some charcoal from your fireplace.
>You left this note, pressed to ground by some lath, in front of presumably reinforced house.
>Then you tried to rest.

>It's almost midnight.
>You couldn't fall asleep thanks to raging gunfight, now supported by intense mortar fire.
>You used given time to fix the ladder you took from last visited house.
>All gaps were filled by planks from bedframe. It looked more solid, but you still need to test it.
>You have acquired some more nails.

2015-09-07 08:09:58 No. 24600857
>You used a bucket of potatoes, your only mean at disposal now, to check if fixed ladder would support it's weight.
>Construction consisting of ladder and planks nailed and taped to it was able to hold this bucket. It was not equal to your weight, thought.
>Unsure of what to do with this you decided to leave looking over the attic for next day.
>Maybe it was a wise decision, listening to concert of various weapons playing around.
>It wasn't equally noisy everywhere, it changed quickly, yet you could still recognize that it comes from no more than three directions.
>Explosions were serving role of drums, accentuating other arms.
>You couldn't sleep no matter how much you want it, it was just too loud.
>Nevertheless, you tried to do your best, and managed to close your eyes when morning aurora was lazily pouring through the sky.

>You woke up tired. Weak sounds of fighting were still possible to hear.

2015-09-07 08:35:06 No. 24601269
>Damn! What about the meeting with other survivor you've so cleverly set up?
>You galloped to the back, bedroom windows to see what time of day is it.
>Crevices left between wardrobe and window's frames were useful as never before.
>Celestia's Sun is high, yet it hadn't reached place indicating midday.
>You still had some time.
>Time that can be used to see if ladder is actually fit for purpose you mean fot it.
>You left your house, placed ladder under attic's entrance and took few steps upwards.
>It was still standing. It didn't collapse under your weight. Your imrovisation was worth the effort put into it.
>Happiness filled you as you took one step after another.
>You have reached roofside doors.

[One more post, describing attic and/or meeting and I'm going to hit the bed.]

2015-09-07 08:57:02 No. 24601562
>Attic is now a priority, you decided, fact that you were right in front of it's door helped you with your judgement.
>You stretched your hoof forwards, shivering ever so slightly in anticipation.
>You waited for this moment, you sacrificed some of your strength for it.
>Door opened, creaking loudly, they must have been unused even before the war.
>Place was dim, no windows or holes were present to let any light inside. At least roof was intact, you said to yourself.
>Room was seemingly filled with... surprise!
>Dusty old boxes.
>It was just like you imagined it to be when you decided to abandon intention of immediately getting into it.
>But appearances can be deceptive, can't they?

[Good morning. I'll try to post about 14 Eastern European.]

2015-09-08 05:55:43 No. 24605329
[Back again.]
>Yes, they can! This place could truly be a goldmine.
>Motivated, you digged deep into this room, feeling somewhat like adventurer, even shooting outside helped you to immerse.
>Mostly, too close fire did otherwise.
>Box by box, crate by crate, breathing dust, you slowly but surely moved forwards.
>It was already 2/3 of attic and you haven't found anything of vital importance. You invest in search started to drop.
>Old paintings, type of drawn by foals in school or more creative beggars by the parks.
>Rusty beyond point of saving hoof-powered sewing machine.
>Some more books. You could read them when bored, or burn them when in dire need of fuel.
>Old stove, left here probably just in case by family that lived in this very house. Maybe it can be repaired or something, you aren't craftsmare to know that.
>Vast amount of empty glass bottles and pretty fancy looking demijohn.
>This is all that you could find in the attic. Was it worth the effort?
>Let's see.
>Your current supplies down there were several cans you couldn't open, bucket of potatoes and two bottles of mineral water. Not sparkling, regular one.
>There was also some melt water on bottom of the fridge, but it didn't look particulary tasty.
>So probably not. You are more in need of water, food, maybe more bandages or even a gauze.
>Not books, or demijohn that you currently have no possibility to fill.

>You left attic and gazed upon the sky to judge time.
>It sure looks like midday to you.

2015-09-08 07:30:47 No. 24605708
>You hadn't any can opener in your house before. You've tried to use your magic to no avail.
>Now you have three important things: sharp mind, good hammer and flatheaded screwdriver. All it took was putting these together.
>Can that withstood mystic powers finally gave up to brute force, several hits were enough to create jagged aperture.
>Which then was used as a grip for your magic. You ripped off tin's upper plate.
>Sweet and juicy peaches inside were totally worth it.
>They refreshed you, quinched your thirst and supressed your hunger, latter probably temporarily.
>After this quick meal you've left your home via front doors, because windows were covered by furniture and architects didn't thought about backdoors for such a small hut.
>Still, you tried to be sneaky and approached meeting place carefully from other side you were supposed to. Circling is a good thing sometimes.
>You crouched and peeked inside, ready to jump backwards if somepony would try to hurt you.
>Opposite to bashed doors stood earth pony mare.
>She was older than you, her coat was dirty-green and mane, crudely cut short, was coloured like wheat.
>She was tightly holding rusty and battered pipe.
>It didn't looked like she saw you.

2015-09-08 08:35:16 No. 24605956
>Pipe was just rusty and in poor condition, not a single trace of blood, fresh or old.
>You've slowly stood up and entered house, still staying close to door, just to be safe.
"H-hello there?" you said softly, realizing how stupid your greeting was.
>Mare warily shot a glance at you, her eyes were clearly looking for something, probably weapons.
>Hammer and phillips were casually floating in air, you moved them away to show your good intentions.
>It's not like you couldn't effectively use them, but mare didn't need to know this right now.
>"Who the heck are you?" she asked, sounding surprised rather than angry.
>"Ah, name's Clean. Clean Cushions."
>She still held her pipe close to herself.

[Sorry for delay, I had dinner.]

2015-09-08 09:39:19 No. 24606238
"My name is Phantom Guile, miss Clean."
>you said without single note of doubt in your voice, placing hoof on your chest.
"I'm astonished to find anypony besides me here, this whole district seemed to pretty empty. Could you please tell me what brought you here?"
>Mare ignored your question at first, bursting out loud laugh.
>"Like, seriously? You are named like that? This is the worst one I've ever heard!" she said after a few seconds, still chuckling.
"N-no, not really."
>you replied to her lowing your head. She seen throughout your deception so quickly!
>Good to know you weren't very good at lying.
>Clean trotted merrily towards you, putting her pipe in a pouch she had.
>She hestitated, looking at your improvised weapons before she locked you in a warm, long hug.
>"No need to lie to me, sweetie, I'm not going to bite you. We're both ponies. So, what's your name again?" she stepped back and calmly waited for your response.
"It's Awaited Spring, miss Clean."
>you almost whispered.
>"Don't 'miss' me, young lady" she winked at you.
>"To answer you question. I live here, simple as it is. In house opposite to this one, to be exact, but I think you figured it out. Where did you came from? Because it's obvious you're not from here, I don't recognize you, Spring."

[I'm terrible at naming too, but I hope I won't be lynched yet.]

2015-09-08 01:55:43 No. 24608660
>Just play it good, mare.
>She's the first alive pony you saw for quite some time, and she doesn't seem to be dangerous.
>You weren't going to lie to her.
>For now.
"Let's take a seat somewhere, mi... Clean." you proposed "It's not a very long story, but I slept poorly last night. It will be better to sit peacefully for a while."
>"Me too, Spring, me too." she sighed.
>You both sat on one remaining bed and you began to tell your story.
"I lived closer to the centre before, I think you know Millenium Estate? That's where my flat was. It was located in pretty safe place, you could count to ten and this will be amount of all shells that fell there since Dogs came. Unfortunately for me, Medical Service wanted a safe place too, they needed to create a lazaret for our brave soldiers. So they gave me some crackers, little bottle of water and evicted me. That's how I ended up here. I live nearby."
>You finished with a gentle sigh and took a deep breath.
>Clean decided that it will be good idea to pat your back delicately, then turning this gesture into soft slide for a short while.
>You felt better after this, as it reminded you of comfy times in your former home.
>However you still had to state something.
"Um... Clear, I want to let you know something. There's a dead stallion in my garden"
>You frowned when using word 'my' when referring to the place, but it was justified, yes?
"I think you might knew him when he was still alive."
>Clean Cushions gasped and put hef forehoof on her mouth.
>"A dead stallion? Like, completely dead and gone? How did he looked like? You know his name? Oh wait, you probably don't, why should you."
>She was visibly worried when she asked one more question.
>"Do you know how he died? Beaten, shot?"

2015-09-08 02:47:37 No. 24609343
"I think this poor pony was named Corkscrew."
>Some more air escaped your muzzle.
"And he has commited suicide. I found him hanging in the bathroom, later I had to relocate his corpse."
>"Sweet filly Princess Luna, that's terrible! Why would he?"
>Cunshions seemingly couldn't easily believe you, but not because she was thinking you are lying.
>"H-he lived in cottage on the left, now yours I presume. He had a wife, two sons and a daughter. Oh, such a fine stallion he was, caring and tender." her sad, slightly shaky voice was filling your ears. But apart of sadness some spite appeared when she moved on.
>"His wife was not as good person. She was a passive-aggresive witch, to be honest. Walking stereotype of gosipping, envious mare. I wonder where she's now. She left without him." Clean continued to talk, it must've been her way of coping with the news.
>"I hope that his foals are safe now. War is nasty time for everyone, but for kids even more. We should bury Corkscrew, he doesn't deserve to rot in the open."
>She stood up, took few steps towards the exit and waited for you to follow.

2015-09-08 03:28:24 No. 24609791
>You followed your newfound comrade, althought you weren't flawlessly happy to do so.
>Idea of getting too close to body that had been in muddy crater for more than 24 hours was... unpleasant, to say the least.
>He just lied there, easily accesible to all these worms and whatnot that were living in the fertile garden soil.
>But it's not like you are going to touch him anyway.
>You can just bury the hole.
>Stopping your train of thoughts you decided to share other news with Cushions.
"You know, I've found a note on bathroom's floor."
"It was a letter from his wife saying that they won't be waiting for him to show up and will leave without him, just like you said. On the other side crudely written sentence: 'Why the train?'. In current circumstances it may indicate that they didn't make it."
>You intended to not share your knowledge about mysterious numbers unless she sees the note.
>"Oh..." was only answer that came from earth mare.
>You both reached garden in silence that could be described as deep, nevermind raging gunfight around.
>By the way, it seemed to change again. Sounds are more distant.
>Corpse was lying in unnatural position in the brown water.
>"Do you have any shovel, sweetie?"

2015-09-08 03:51:14 No. 24610080
"I haven't found one yet."
>You replied promptly, idea what to do already forming in your brain.
"But we could improvise. I can bring some spare planks I have."
>Not waiting for Clean's answer you headed to your shelter.
>Several boards were lying against the wall, orderly arranged.
>You magically picked up two of them, widest you could find, and returned to the garden.
"Here, these should do."
>You said while giving one to the mare.
>She took one from you and immediately began to dig near crater's edges, so clods of ground will fall to the middle and cover corpse below.
>You swear you've heard a muffled sob.
>You want to help with burial?

2015-09-08 04:14:48 No. 24610377
>You stood beside Clean Cushions and stuck your own plant into the ground.
>Soil was still somewhat damp from rain and pushing it down the hole wasn't too difficult, even for you.
>Both of you were working in silence, not counting your soft puffing, doing things manually wasn't your cup of tea.
>Leisurely you and her were moving counter-clockwise and ground progressively filled crater.
>Hiding miserable stalion from your eyes, from clouds and the sky.

>Time passed, you were done.
>Your puffing wasn't that soft anymore, you didn't care though.
>Hole wasn't completely buried, but symbolic grave was good enough in your eyes.
>Earth mare threw her plank away and started to look blankly at brownish mark surrounded by nice green grass.
>Some wind brushed your manes, yours - gently flowing in the air, hers - merely flapping, like torn flag.
>"So yeah. That's it. It's getting dark, time for some sleep" she said after a while. "Do you maybe want to move to my place, Spring?"

2015-09-08 05:00:11 No. 24610919
"It surely is more secure than mine. It has a lock, for one."
>You responded, and with that you've brought faint smile on older mare's muzzle.
"I can wait until morning to move all my belongings, so it won't be any trouble for you, Clean."
>"It wouldn't be anyway, but do as you please. Come on."
>She led you to her house and unlocked the door, letting you inside.
>Mare entered right after you, locked the door again and then placed board across it, making simple barricade.
>You took a look around to see almost regular house.
>Apart from boarded windows everything was completely normal.
>Fire was blazing, feeling place with warmth and amber light.
>Living room contained some cupboards fitted with glass and shelves with various souvenirs and artifacts. Glass doors were cracked here and there.
>There was also soft, dark blue sofa, bookcase and even TV, which wasn't working. Some photos were hanging from the walls.
>"Feel like at home, sweetie. You'll sleep on sofa, I will bring you some bedsheets."
>Soon Cushions prepared you a fine, maybe bit tight bed.
>"Are you hungry or thirsty? I'll give you something if you want, fridge's not very useful anymore, but our ancestors had no fridges at all, right?"

2015-09-08 05:20:46 No. 24611123
>Some doubts creeped in your mind after realizing that now door were closed. Maybe you should've took at least potatoes and toolbox with you?
>Telling Cushions that you've changed your mind would be awkward now.
>You remained quiet for a brief while thinking if you need something besides your stuff right now.
>Nah, you were good, peaches prove to be more sustaining than you've thought.
"No, thank you."
>You said politely, maintaining nice smile.
>"Aha, and sorry for that you won't be able to take a bath, water's no more. I'm going to make myself supper, feel free to do whatever." Clean announced before heading to the kitchen.
>You were pretty sure her happiness wasn't completely honest.
>You were alone and you don't feel particulary sleepy, however you could venture into Luna's realm if you wish so.

2015-09-08 05:47:50 No. 24611412
>You decided to stay awake for some more time and promptly sacrifice said time for taking more scrutinous look around.
>Wallpaper embossed with butterflies and flowers was covering all walls in this room.
>You stared at trumpery stored in cupboards.
>Crystal glasses, porcelain plates decorated with patterns blue as your coat, some tiny little statues of happy ponies and various animals.
>Upon closer examination you ascertained that photos hanging on the walls were depicting exclusively family situations, like Clean standing close to brick-coloured stallion with firm-looking jaw.
>You supposed that he's her brother or husband.
>In the other pictures she was either with elder couple or surrounded by happy ponies, most likely relatives. You saw this stallion several more times.
>You moved to see what's in the bookcase. It was filled with ordinary books, like romances, recipe books and adventures, but you've spotted some titles regarding mechanics and repairing vehicles.
>Do you want to continue looking around the house?

2015-09-08 06:14:51 No. 24611704
>With living room "secured" you trotted to the bathroom to see what's there.
>Walls were painted in very light shade of purple, there was a bathtube, this time also featuring a shower, washbasin, washing machine, some thin clothes and towels still were hanging over you.
>Clothes were mostly in all shades of gray. On the other hoof, towels were colorful and fuzzy.
>You also spotted two lockers, one over washbasin, with mirror instead of door, looking exactly like literally every other bathroom locker you saw. And the second was square-shaped, labeled with glowing-red picture of a patch.
>Satisfied, you paced to the kitchen.
>"Hey, Spring, not asleep yet, as I see?" asked Clean, mixing in a pot of guggling soup.
"Just looking around, I can't sleep for now."
>"Fine, just don't wander off to my bedroom! It's a dangerous place for young mares!"
>Cooker, more cupboards, fridge and a table with two chairs were all furniture here. Walls were pretty dull compared to other rooms, just mundane, dirty yellow wallpaper.

2015-09-08 06:54:42 No. 24612208
"Sooo... I think it is wise to get to know each other since you've invited me to your house. I've told you how did I got here. I guess it's your turn to tell me something about yourself."
>You said politely but you made sure to put very little hint of firmness in your voice.
>"Okay, I guess. So, what do you want to know, you resolute being?" she turned to face you. You hadn't seen any anger in her eyes nor heard it in her answer.
"How long you're here in Fillydelphia, Clean?"
>"Oh, we start wit a simple questions I see. Well, I moved here from Barley Hill, my home village, to study and stayed ever since. It will be about... fourteen years I guess? And you? You have always lived here?"
"Yes, I was born and raised in this very city. My mother is an unicorn like me and she works for TechmaturgyForYourHome. Maybe you've heard about it. And dad is a pegasus, he's employed in local weather control facility. I lost contact with parents, we weren't living at the same place. I'm not even slightly sure if they know I was forced to leave my flat."
>"Really she works for TFYH? I hope she has insurance, I've heard that some nasty accidents happened there." your companion looked worried. Then she disheveled your mane and raised your head up. "Don't be upset, they are surely alive and in good condition."
>You smiled softly, grateful for this simple gesture.
>You might be on a good way to obtaining a friend. Mare in question put fire under pot down and poured herself a generous amount of soup.
>"Any more things you want to know? But remember, information for information!" Clean said half-seriously right after she sat by the table.

[Last post for today. Estimated time of reappearance: 13 to 14 EE. Have a good night, Anons]

2015-09-09 05:42:48 No. 24617438
"Bon appetit, Clean. What did you wanted to study, if it's not too private question?"
>You carried on your investigation, happy that she was so talkative right now.
>"It's not a mystery, Spring. I wanted to start my own hotel once, you know. I attended to hospitality industry lectures for two years." She let out a single forced chuckle.
>"You will probably think that earth ponies aren't too wise race after next info. I dropped out. But my dream did partially come true. I was working as a maid before I met Sprocket Wheel."
"I honestly don't think you are less smart than me because you had to leave college."
>You assured her, giving her a friendly grin.
>"And what about you, are you still in school or you finished already?"
"I'm adult and responsible mare now, taking care of myself."
>"So where do you work?"
>You sent her a glance that could probably kill whole Dog forces in an instant.
>"We're even, then. Don't you worry, sweetie, things will get better if you'll find yourself a stallion."
>You really, really wanted to change the topic as fast as it was possible without rudely interrupting Cunshions, but it looked like she finished.
>You didn't blushed, a personal success!
>Time for next question.
"You said you stayed at your home since city got surrounded. Have you encountered any survivors excluding me?"
>"Well, once or twice I saw ponies fleeing from city borders direction towards the centre. They were in panic. I... it wasn't very nice of me but I was afraid they could do something bad when startled and I let them pass without revealing myself."
>She puffed once and ate some soup in silence before she spoke again.
>"You're the first pony that contacted me." She looked straight in your eyes. "And thanks for that. Also, I'm pretty sure there are several houses like mine, where ponies live barricaded inside."
>Only one thing that you'd like to ask , at least at the moment, remained.

2015-09-09 05:59:09 No. 24617517
"Another one coming. Do you know anything about current situation in the city? Any troop movements nearby? I didn't have access to a radio for some time"
>"A serious one, I see. I try to peek throughout crevices between boards when I hear something close, so I saw our soldiers yesterday. Apart of that, I've seen two tanks and armoured vehicle. And scout aeroplane."
>Her hunger interrupted your chat again, this time for longer.
>Earth mare decided to eat whole plate, so she could talk with you freely. Right after she finished and placed it in the sink, she picked up topic again.
>"As for current events, some of them are still pretty audible right now, I think. Four days ago a car with speaker was riding around the neighbourhood, encouraging ponies to stay at home and move to basement if it's present."
>"Speaker said that now Fillydelphia is completely besieged, citizens should gather water because it's supply is scarce. I've also heard that pegasi are trying to send rain here whenever possible, but generally weather above Dog occupied territiories remains uncontrolled."
>"What else do you want to know?"

2015-09-09 06:59:58 No. 24617726
"Is there still running water here at this very moment or it is shut off completely?"
>"Water in not our concern for now, I was thinking in advance."
>To prove her words she approached three last cupboards and opened them widely. All of them contained multiple pots, roundels, even mugs filled with life-giving liquid.
>"You see, we're good for some days."
"Still I think we should ration it since we are going to live together. I have two litres of water in my shelter, and this is a daily amount, if we're thrifty."
>"Aw fu... nevermind, I should've see that faster. We will have to look for more water, then. And a way to store it, I'm out of pots."
"Maybe there's a stream or river nearby?"
>"Closest one flows through city centre. I think this is ridiculously far, could be on the Moon as well." she seems both worried and irritated.
"We'll have to eat less salty or sweet food then, because these two spices fuel thirst."
>Clean Cushions looked warily at soup she prepared. All of a sudden in faint light you spotted a metal dishdryer full of plates. Recently cleaned ones.
"Or we can just go and ask other ponies, maybe they are willing to share." you said, ignoring dishdryer for now, you've already told her about rationing.
>"More like to barter. And I don't know for one hundred percent if they are really there, I'm just assuming. Local ponies are somewhat bound to this district."
>You couldn't supress a sudden yawn, mare yawned right after you.
>"It looks like somepony's sleepy! And I'm not talking just about myself. We'll figure something out tomorrow. Go and hit the hay, Spring."
>With this said, Clean smiled at you and went to her bedroom.

>You proceeded to lie down on the couch in living room and fell asleep soon after.
>Sounds of war didn't disturb your rest.
>You woke up fresh and hungry in the morning.

2015-09-09 07:48:26 No. 24617941
>Well rested and ready to face challenges of the day, although still with rumbling belly you looked for Clean.
>She was in the kitchen again, trying to make her soup less salty by adding more water.
>From what you saw, it was already thin.
>"Good morning. Have you slept well? I certainly did, just listen how quiet is now."
>You stood in silence for a short while. Your copesmate was right, gunfight was still audible but not as near as for two last days.
"This is a good sign, especially now. I'll explain you later. Can I have some soup?"
>"Sure, be my guest. I won't accompany you, I ate yesterday, still well fed."
>Filling your stomach took you some time, in which Cushions was looking through the window.
>"Nopony's there."
"Good, could you please unlock the door? I want to bring my belongings here before we do anything."
>You didn't need to tell her this twice, when you've finished your meal she was already removing board.
>"Take your time, I'll wait by the door." she said.
>You immediately departed to your former place to take everything that was useful.
>You haven't heard anything before but when you were midway, a single bullet whizzed by your head.
>The leap towards other side of the street was record-worthy.
>You hid safely in shadows of cold, now abandoned cottage, your heart racing.
>Was it just misaim or somepo... somebody just purposedly shot at you? How to determine that?
>How were you going to return now if it was on purpose?

2015-09-09 09:15:07 No. 24618427
>With living soul scared out of you, you were not very keen on thinking about what are you doing.
>So you left safe house interior and galloped wildly towards ladder in the garden.
>Was it by plain luck or by fact that it might've been just some unexperienced soldier being trigger-happy, you climbed to attic and hidden inside undisturbed.
>You rushed so fast that you didn't thought about taking a hammer or a screwdriver.
>However you had empty bottles, which still could be good as improvised weapons.
>As you calmed down and your reason returned, you made yourself a nice, sharp tulip, and quietly waited for any danger to show up.
>And waited.
>And waited even longer.
>Nothing happened, not counting ambient shooting and explosions in the distance of course.
>You heard weak Clean's voice.
>"Are you okay in there?"

2015-09-09 05:58:03 No. 24623238
Back again.
"I'm fine! Stay low, behind the door, someone might be shooting at us!"
>You warned her very loudly, making sure she had heard you.
>"First part's nice to hear! What are we going to do now?" she yelled again from her door.
"You can't stay there forever, may I help you somehow?"
>Well, first question was accurate at this moment.
>What could you do to determine, without putting yourself or Cushions in danger, if you were actually a target or it was just misfortune?
>"Misfortune" that sent shivers down your spine when you've thought about what would be consequences of bullet flying just half a hoof lower.
>Attic had no windows, only entrance.
>All things present here were same as before, not big surprise. You would be more astonished if something had mysteriously appeared during the night.
>What to do next?

2015-09-09 06:25:35 No. 24623587
>You took another look around, trying your best to find anything that could be at least slightly similar to pony head.
>First that came to your mind was a mannequin.
>Which... was nowhere to be found. Old as universe sewing machine and big pink hat, covered in plastic flowers were all things related to tailoring.
>Oh wait.
>A hat. You barely holded back an urge to hardly plant hoof on your forehead.
>You had a plan. You could place hat on stick and slowly fake leaning out pony.
>No sticks present in the perimeter.

I couldn't say no and blatantly lie to you.

2015-09-09 07:03:22 No. 24624051
>There was one thing you haven't considered yet, not sure of the consequences.
>You could magic flowery hat out of the attic, trying to make impression of real, living pony instead of sticking it out, latter looking less natural.
>But your magic grip was creating azure, faintly glowing aura around said piece of clothing.
>If your hunter was in possesion of well-crafted scope, he most likely will see this aura and understand what it is.
>Yet you had no other possibilities or means to perform your masterplan.
>No time to waste, let's do this, you cried out internally.
>You carefully moved pink hat outside and pretended that "pony" was slowly looking around.
>Nothing pierced througth material, not a single shot was hearable.

2015-09-09 07:56:34 No. 24624821
>You are gifted mare and you tried to use this to your advantage.
>To be exact, you attempted to lift sewing machine, because metal stops regular bullets.
>That's why tanks can get wrecked only by, well, bigger bullets. At least that was your reasoning.
>However rusty contraption didn't wanted to bend to your will and move for more than few decimeters.
>No shield for you, then. Only speed of your legs could save you from death.
>After unknown, but certainly long time you made haste down the ladder, almost breaking your legs, and dashed towards building's corner.
>Nothing happened.
>You've bolted to cottage's door and hid inside, perked up your ears to hear...
>More nothing.
>You started to calm down, turned around to see Clean Cushions staring at you from her home.
"I'm not hurt! I think someone was just too jumpy!"
>You shouted at her and she nodded, seemingly relaxing.
"I'm getting my things, keep the door open!"
>"Sure thing!"
>You summoned bucket of potatoes, bandages, toolbox (you haven't forgot about hammer and screwdriver), two potions, all your six bits, duct tape, two bottles of water.
>You were starting to feel unrest, like when you try to do many things simultaneously.
>Trying to pick up syringe, painkillers and canned fruit resulted in everything slipping out of your grip and falling on the ground.
>You had to choose what did you wanted to relocate first.

One more post, divided to two parts if too long and I will go to sleep.

2015-09-09 08:47:47 No. 24625495
>You gathered potatoes that fell out of the bucket and filled it again to see if there's more space for your belongings in there.
>It had to be really, really small stuff if it's going to fit.
>Next you moved on to your toolbox. It seemed full at first glance, mostly because saw, level, wrench and wire took some place, but after rearrangement you could put some cans in, not all of them unfortunately.
>One tin out of seven wasn't going to fit.
>Especially that you needed to have space for medicaments and syringe. And also for bits.
>But now amount of objects you had to carry had decreased.
>It was much easier and after this weird sensation vanished, you felt relieved.
>You got yourself together and trotted quickly towards Clean, ready to beat your previous record at jumping to safety.
>"Is this all? My Celestia, that was hell of a time. Here, let me help."
>Not waiting for your permission she took toolbox away from you, pushed it towards living room and picked potatoes.
>She carried your bucket to the kitchen and upon return closed and barricaded door.
>In the same time you plumped water and remaining tin beside toolbox.
"Yes, that's all. At least until we will be in need of wood."

>You both decided that taking a break after this unwanted adventure was a good idea.
>You remained silent.
>Celestia's Sun visibly moved towards West when your companion broke quietness.
>"So, you said you are going to explain why current pause soldiers took from blowing their brains out is a good sign."
"I did. I told that because I want us to check if there are any other survivors nearby and to determine if they are indifferent, friendly or, Princesses forbid, hostile towards us." you elaborated eagerly.
>"But what about house, I'm preeeetty sure that simple locking it up won't work in case of bandits raid. One of us should stay here on guard." she withheld her enthusiasm and hestitated. "Visiting alone isn't smart too. If they are hostile, we're screwed."

2015-09-10 07:03:45 No. 24629307
"You know we don't need to immediately try to befriend them. First we should search the neighbourhood for any signs."
>You calmly continued letting her on your plan.
"How did I met you? I left you a note in front of your door, without putting myself in danger in case you weren't a nice earth mare you are. What I am trying to tell you is we should do exactly the same thing. Prepare some notes stating that we want to see other ponies or something."
>"I don't know..." she doubted. "So many things can go awfully wrong. We could get shot, ambushed, attract some nasty individuals."
"We are not going to meet them in person and certainly we won't give away too much information about us."
>"But what about 'you might get hit' part?"
"You said that bandit raid is a possibility. We are just two mares..."
>"You're still a filly!" she interrupted you abruptly looking at you with mixture of care and wrath. "You aren't a hero of some adventure book, who overcomes all challenges without a scratch! Can't you understand you might die?"
"... just two mares, what we could do against band of strong and armed ponies, or others?"
>Clean remained completely silent, looking at you angliry.
>She took a while to compose, calming herself with slow, gentle breathing. She blushed, ashamed for her outburst.
>"I probably know better than you that we don't stand a single chance against attackers."
"I want to say that we won't last long - on our own. We need to take risks to find somepony else. As long as these risks don't include more dead bodies, that is."
>"I'm sorry, sweetie. I just... you are so young, fragile. You shouldn't even be here, surrounded by war. There are refugee camps south, you would be better off there with your parents." she said so low it was almost a whisper.
>Little trace of tears was beginning to show up in corners of her eyes.
>It's absolutely quiet now. No shooting in the distance.

2015-09-10 08:38:33 No. 24629680
English is suffering.
>Earth mare before you explicitly needed solace, you heard her sniffle once already.
>What's with the sudden change, yesterday she was trying to lift your spirit, being all energetic and friendly.
>And now she was close to crying. Was it normal?
>You closed her in warm, fuzzy embrace, trying to ease what bothered her. She clutched you, unsuccesfully trying to hold her sobbing.
>Finally she gave up, tears rolled down her cheeks, sinking in your skylike coat.
>You never thought you will be acting like your own mother, especially towards older mare, maybe much older.
>You gently stroke her tattered wheat-yellow mane.
>"I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry I brought this upon you." she said in shivering voice. "Me, adult mare. I don't want to be alone anymore. And you don't deserve such fate, too."
"You won't be alone, Clean." you assured her, tighting your hug slighly. "Neither will I. We're in this together. And whatever will happen, wherever will we decide to go, we won't leave each other."
>Great, now you felt a hot tear on your face as well.
>Finally, Cushions calmed herself so she was able to do various things again.
>One last sniff and she smiled faintly, looking at you with gratitude.
>And more care, you noted.
>"So, we're following your plan. Scouting, preparing notes, then eventually meeting other folks." she summed up, trying to act with visible responsibility and motivation. It was rather unnatural, however she didn't seemed to care.
"Correct. Do you have anything that could serve as a weapon apart your pipe?"
>"Yup. There's no kitchen without a knife. What do you have?"
"Hammer, screwdriver and a knife too."
>"And you want to take all of these with you?" she asked curiously. "Wait, I'm going to get you a pouch."
>She disappeared in her bedroom for a while and returned with plain brown bag.
>"Here, take it. Prepare yourself, and I will go and put your stuff elsewhere, it can't lie in the corridor."

2015-09-10 08:48:55 No. 24629729
>She immediately picked up the toolbox, previously removing tins and bits from it, and took it to the bathroom.
>You turned to see that she placed bandages, pack of patches, medicaments and syringe in square locker.
>Bits she gave back to you, and cans landed in the kitchen, along with potatoes.
>She wiped her eyes and muzzle from tears and picked her pipe.
>You already packed your hammer and screwdriver, deciding to hold knife close to yourself.
"Whenever you are."
>"Let's go, then."

>She unboarded and unlocked the door and went outside first, then, after you left the house, locked it again.
>Sky was bright orange and Sun was close to setting.
>All nearby houses are checked and looted from anything besides construction materials.
>Street stretched north, towards city centre, and south, towards it's borders.
>Southwards you could see a crossroads barred by a pile of sandbags, abandoned cars and boards.

2015-09-10 09:28:10 No. 24629911
"You said you saw some boarded houses before. Lead on."
>"Okay, follow me. Let's stay close to the walls, just in case, yes?"
>You didn't respond, instead almost cuddling with nearest war.
>She led you down the street, towards intersection, then walked past well-built barricade. It was prepared for the military, you supposed, with embrasures and few anti-vehicle metal thingies.
>"I wonder what is this for, they placed similar ones in every second crossroads all the way towards city. Well, I think all the way. I saw two actually" murmured Clean.

>After some time - damn, you need a clock! - you have reached first house. It was built in exact same manner as every single other here.
>Who was responsible for this district anyway? Everything looked the same, these houses could stand in Saraneighvo as well as here.
>You could get easily lost if you were to wander around on your own.
>But mare walking in front of you knew exacly where were you going and she stopped you and lied down.
>You took a peek, then falling on the fround as well, and saw that lawn was covered in leaves, purposedly placed here by somepony. You were sure about it, not a single tree was growing ahead of cottage.
>Windows weren't boarded, however you've discerned sandbags covering them to half their height.
>"It's here. I know there are ponies inside, I saw smoke raising from the chimney." she whispered right to your ear.

2015-09-10 02:56:05 No. 24632278
>You were not too eager to take even single step on lawn covered by leaf rug.
>Something told you that there might be hidden holes full of awful surprises there.
"Have you taken any paper with you, and something to write on it?" you murmured.
>"Of course, Spring, here you are" she went through her bag and gave you one regular, not torn, paper sheet and a pencil.
>You wrote simple note: 'I'm a survivor and I want to meet you somewhere nearby. In the open, so I can see you and you can see me.'
>Then you crossed out 'somewhere nearby' and faced Cushions.
"Do you know any open space nerby? Playground, hoofball field, park?" you asked quietly.
>"Well, there's a school two blocks north, towards city. It has a playground."
>You replied while replacing nearby and in the open part by 'local school's playground'.
>Then you sneaked towards possesion's borders with intention to place your absolutely flawless note on pavement.
>Before you achieved your target, all of a sudden one of front windows opened widely with audible creak.
>>"Get outta my fooken property, ya punk!"
>Multiple unknown particles flown high over your head after you heard double-barrel shot.
>>"Ain't no loot fer ya here!" orangish stallion yelled from the window, aiming at you.

2015-09-10 04:43:04 No. 24633578
>You quickly jumped straight to... well, there wasn't any fence, tree, car or anything.
>So you just hid behind a mailbox, hoping that guy's crazy enough to think you've disappeared.
"I'm not a looter, calm down, pony! You're going to kill me!" you screamed at him while Clean stood up and waved both front hooves at him, doing really fancy rear.
>"No need for shotguns, pony! We're peaceful!"
>Faint feminine voice called from house's interior and orange stallion perked his ears to it.
>"What's de matter, laddy?" you heard a question from unseen mare inside.
>She had to be old, older than Cushions and your suspicions were instantly proven right by mad gunner.
>>"Some stickhead tresspassed, granny, but no worries, I'm gonna give her a lesson, yes, Salty?"
>He literally kissed his gun's butt, still aiming at the mailbox you were behind, but he didn't care when your companion approached.
>"Sonny, you can't just shoot dem random ponies cause dey seek help." exclaimed 'granny', adding even more noise and confusion to this situation. "We ain't in Konjeslavia anymore, hammer it in already!"
>>"Ya were doing same thing back dere, granny!"
>"And I regret it, so put Salty down or dere won't be any cheesecake fer ya."
>You peeped, exposing your head a little to see what is actually going on.
>Stallion disappeared from the window.
>Instead, you saw old mare wearing flowery apron with white headscarf and sitting in a wheelchair in the now opened house's entrance. She was smiling friendly.
>Crazy orange pony was right behind her.
>"Sorry fer him. He just heard too much stories, ya know."
"Who is this crazy pony, Clean?" you asked quietly, terrified by him and his behaviour.
>"I heard rumors that some messed up Cooperatist family lived in this district. I guess we have found them" she replied trying to smile at two ponies before you.
>"Na, tell me if ya need somfing, but don't come here, lawn's dangerous." granny was rather straightforward.
>It's ancestral trait probably.

2015-09-10 05:22:09 No. 24634070
"We're just trying to find others. Us ponies should stick together and care to each other during such harsh times, not shooting at each other." you explained politely, not wanting to get a bullet if this stallion get's too offended.
>You honestly didn't know what to expect anymore, this is so bizarre.
>"Yeah, we mean no harm, miss. We're just walking around and leaving notes in front of houses that may be inhabited." momentarily joined Cushions.
>"I see. We are friendly, maybe my grandson makes different impression, but he is a good lad, don't judge him too fast" responded old mare and chuckled a bit. "He just cares about my ancient plot, dat's all."
>>"Don't ferget about Salty, granny, she cares too!" interrupted orange pony.
>"Of course she does." she assured him softly. "What are yer names, if dey aren't top secret?"
"They are not, my name is Spring."
>"And mine is Clean Cushions."
>"Oho, nice ones, I like dem! My name is Kalina and my lad is Hranchak. You know Salty" said crippled mare, introducing her family to you.
"Miss Kalina, do you maybe know about other ponies living nearby, preferably nice ones?" you decided to give it a try.
>"We can't leave our home, honey. Hranchak forgot where he dug his holes. It would be stupid. And I can't walk anywhere."
>"Could you magic them outside if they wish so, Spring?" you heard your comrade.
>>"Oy, I'm not gonna fly like some damn leaf, dem speshal snowflakes can fook demselves wif deir magic!"
>"Enouf, no cheesecake. Dat's not how I raised you, sonny!" granny got really pissed off now. "Time of hanging nobles is what should be shame, not pride!"
>Would you even consider risking to free them from their home prison with anything, not only magic, or you just want to move on?

2015-09-10 06:02:58 No. 24634547
>You dismissed idea of lifting two heavy ponies out of danger zone, even one in time, as plain dumb.
>You didn't want to depreciate earth ponies or something, but they simple don't know anything about your gift. You kept your opinion to yourself.
>Instead of 'magicking them outside' you lit your horn, focus showed on your muzzle, and then you blew away suspicious leaf carpet, revealing big amount of traps, all shapes and sizes.
>When you used your power, Hranchak shivered ever so slightly.
>Holes were randomly placed everywhere. Two closest to you featured wooden spikes at their bottom.
>With this problem solved you looked up at two foreign ponies again.
"Would you like to go with us later, after we scout the area?" you directed your question to old mare, undoubtedly infinitely more responsible than her gun-loving grandson.
>"I don't fink poor Hranchak could lift all our fings all by himself. He is strong stallion but not hero of some fairy tale" she responded with some sadness audible in her voice. "And if dere is not enouf beds fer all of us?"
>"I think we should go now and give these ponies time to consider everything, Spring. It will be better this way" Clean advised you.
"Fair enough. So good bye Miss Kalina, we will return later to ask if you want to stay here of move to us, or for any other option." you said in cottage's direction, giving old mare a slight bow before leaving.

>When you left their voice range, moving Westwards along the street, Cushions trotted closer to you.
>"You seriously think about bringing stallion out of his mind and invalid old mare to our shelter, or you were just polite and wanted to give them some hope and ability to leave whenever they wish?" she asked you curiously and waited for you to share your opinion with her.

2015-09-11 06:27:00 No. 24640665
I see we didn't came up with any clear-cut conclusion. I assume that Spring is good hearted pony, then.

>You stopped suddenly and turned to face Clean.
>The same worry and care you saw before were still in her eyes.
"Before I answer, I want to hear something from you instead" you told her in a very serious tone. "Tell me, what would you do?"
>She seemed surprised by your statement a bit, so she took her time to think about what you said. Not too long while later she looked your in the eyes again.
>"This mare is crippled and she said she's bound to her wheelchair. If we take her, she will require food, water and care just like we do, but she won't give us anything in return. What could she do, knit us some scarfs?"
>She didn't give you much time to judge her words, promptly speaking again.
>"And her grandson, even you said guy's as crazy as they come. And he's not too fond of unicorns like you. What if he murders you in your sleep?"
>You remained quiet, weighing her words. They hit you pretty hard, yet you still felt spark of compassion for Kalina and her grandson. One was out of his mind, not exactly his fault, and other survived at least one war before.
>You were not sure what happened in Konjeslavia, wherever that state is, but 'hanging nobles' and implied behaviour of Kalina when she was younger was rather suggestive.
"Look at the bright sides of given situation, Cushions"
>You took the floor now, slowly building confidence up in your voice.
"Hranchak is focused on defending his house and his beloved grandma. So if we stick together with them we will have a guard always on duty..."
>"That sure is one trigger-happy guard" Cushions interrupted you.
"... and he will be devoted to his task. Second, you said something about knitting scarfs. So I'm going to stick with your example. Can you knit? Or maybe do you have some really warm clothes at home?"
>She was astonished by your sudden question. Looking at you with confusion she shook her head.

2015-09-11 06:44:15 No. 24640736
"No. Okay. So what season we have now? It's autumn, right? It's already colder than we'd like it sometimes, especially during nights. We will need some sweaters or at least scarfs, or else looking for supplies later will be a no-no."
>You continued your little disquisition, convincing both yourself and your friend that your sympathy can be beneficial.
"I'd like to add that with armed stallion on guard we will be more efficient in gathering supplies and defending them against possible enemies. Two of us will scavenge, other two will stay at home. About murdering in sleep part, his grandmother is taming him, I think. He could easily shot us both, or me at least"
>You shivered at though.
>"But he didn't" Cushions finished for you, slowly growing in favour of your view on the situation. "I think we could give them a chance. But only one!"

>When Sun touched horizon, your comrade, leading you again, signaled you to stop and stretched her hoof towards another house.
>This time it was bordering a little park with fountain, cut by now empty trenches.
>Smoke was raising from it's chimney. It wasn't reinforced in any way, you saw a bright green car standing in front of it.
>Single tree grown on cottage's lawn, swing hanging from one of it's trunks.

2015-09-11 04:01:26 No. 24645036
Not about it.
What's the proper one?

>This time you have decided to be leass sneaky and approach openly, walking on three legs with note held by fourth one, clearly visible.
>You weren't going to be taken for a looter this time.
>You stopped before possesion's border and waved your note at front windows. Then you calmly put it down and pressed to sidewalk using some random stone.
>Clean was by your side this time, trying to be close to you in case of any danger showing up.
>That's pretty romantic, you thought to yourself. Two mares, friends already, standing together and gazing upon sunset.
>You waited some time wondering if anypony will open the doors and greet you, after seeing that you are unarmed and peaceful.
>But nopony did.

>You prepared to move on to another place when you almost jumped upwards, startled by close explosion.
>I' actually saw stuff blowing up' kind of close.
>Shooting picked up with new intensity, you could distinguish heavy machine guns and light hoof weaponry.
>Cushions immediately took your hoof and forced you to hide behind green car. She hid near you promptly.
>Gunfight raged for some time, then in one direction it abruptly ended.
>A brief while later you took a glimpse of armoured car from your hideout.
>Sun was painted on it's side and it was hastily retreating towards city. Some ponies were mounting it.
>Soon others were running towards the park, covering each other in turns untill they all disapeared from your sight, probably getting into trenches you've discovered.

2015-09-11 04:25:39 No. 24645383
>There wasn't anything you could do, not counting waiting to see what will happen.
>But you weren't especially eager to stay and gaze at ponies and Dogs shooting each other heads off.
>You hadn't saw Dogs yet, but you preferred more... usual circumstances to meet one.
>So you patted Clean's sidde and gestured that you should leave at once.
>She nodded and quickly galloped towards houses on other side of the street, so she won't be spotted by any soldier coming from gunfire direction.
>You followed her with your head down.
>You took the lead and began to move towards Kalina's house, starining your ears to know where enemy might be.
>Both of you were just two cottages away when you've heard some words barked in foreign language coming from gardens behind houses.
>So close that those who were talking may show up in any instant.

2015-09-11 05:06:50 No. 24646010
side*. I just saw it, kill me.
>Your mind raced to find any solution of this dire situation.
>It was a matter of seconds, so you must've acted swiftly and be sure that you won't screw up anything, but you exactly knew what to do.
>You needed to get out of enemy's sight, and you needed to do it fast.
>First idea that came to your mind was hiding in any nearby hut, so you've forcefully picked Cushions up and walked towards safety, trying to be absolutely quiet.
>And you were thankful that you both stuck to the walls.
>It looked like you didn't brought Dogs on your backs.
>You could swear blind that someone poked out his head around the wall just when your tail disappeared in house's interior.
>Do you want too look through the window?

2015-09-11 05:27:17 No. 24646287
>You thought that keeping your head down instead of satisfying your curiousity is really good idea at the moment.
>Clean was hiding under other front window and she decided to act the same way you did, not moving a single muscle.
>You heard some more talking outside, so you decided that this position is not safe enough for your tastes.
>You should get out of here as soon as possible without revealing yourself.
>Easier said than done, floor was littered by various things, starting from shattered glass and finishing by suitcases wide open.
>Yet you managed to silently take few steps, then gainig courage and moving more efficiently, still remaining quiet.
>Your friend followed carefully, stepping slowly.
>Some more barks, one particularily loud.
>Intense gunfire combined with loud steps here and there.
>You could move almost normally without risk of being spotted, so you got up and rushed, almost rushed, to be exact, to back side of the house.
>Only to discover that there wasn't any back door and windows are intact.

2015-09-11 05:41:46 No. 24646471
>You tried to open bedroom window, so you could escape to the garden and then away.
>Unfortunately window was sealed by previous inhabitants of this very house, they probably prepared for war this way.
>To add more fun to this situation, more Dogs jumped through garden's fence, immediately getting down and grovelling towards the street.
>They wore gray urban camo uniforms, held wapons only slightly resembling Equestian ones. Their heads were covered by thick helmets.
>One had flamethrower, he tried to stay behind rest.
>They didn't see you or Clean.
>Now you weren't quite sure if it's good or bad that windows were preventing you from leaving.
>You could have just avoided stumbling across the enemy.
>Yet you were still in danger.

2015-09-11 05:56:52 No. 24646714
>You couldn't just stay like that in the house risking being discovered.
>Leaving was impossible for now, but you could at least hide somewhere, so if they decide to enter your temporal shelter they won't find you immediately.
>You stare met with bedroom's wardrobe and you instantly knew what to do.
>You hid in the wardrobe, just like when you were a little filly playing hide and seek. Remembering old times gave you some warmth despite circumstances.
>You hoped Clean will find herself a good hideout.
>You remained dead silent, even holding your breath.
>No soldier seemed to enter the bedroom, and probably the house. Shooting raged dangerously close, though.
>You waited.
>And waited some more time.
>Finally gunfire stopped, you heard one loud word.
>What now?

2015-09-11 06:24:17 No. 24647093
>You didn't let any single sound that could reveal your position.
>Instead you perked your ears to hear what is going on.
>This way of gathering information wasn't too precise, but you think you've heard some more foreign words.
>Then silence, not counting more distant fight, fell upon this household.
>All of a sudden you have heard some movement.
>Taking a peek revealed that this was Cushions crawling from under the bed. She stood up and looked for you, so you've abandoned your wardrobe.
>"Oh, there you are" she whispered so quietly it could be a breeze. "What now?"
>Instead of responding, you walked towards front window and peeped outside.
>Nobody was there. More specific glance shown some figures that were moving in park's direction.
>You waited some more time before you crawled out of the cottage.
>Two dead soldiers were lying on the lawn.
>Maybe they have something useful on them?
>Clean gestured you to move on and disregard Dog bodies.

2015-09-11 07:09:44 No. 24647661
>You didn't follow Cushions and pulled out your knife, ready to stab some bad guys if they were too vital.
>Clawling towards nearest body you prepared yourself for a fierce fight.
>Body wasn't sharing your eagerness.
>You poked it with a knife, it was totally dead, like every body lying in the grass should be.
>Apart of unifrom and helmet it was completely robbed.
>No gun, no ammo, anything useful was taken away.
>Second body was in exact same condition - robbed clean. Likely Dogs don't let anything go to waste.
>Some shoots were audible from barricade you've passed at intersection that was leading to your shelter.
>You silently called your friend to you.
"We should warn Miss Kalina and her grandson uf they are still there"
>You announced when she crawled closely enough.
>"Are you fucki... freaking crazy, Spring?!" she whispered straight to your ear. "We don't have time to waste, we must go to our own shelter!"
>You saw authentic fear in her eyes, with slight presence of care. Yet you decided to act against common sense.
"Follow me. We have to warn them"

>Some time sneaking around, and you were right behind house opposite to Kalina's cottage.
>Cushions was behind you, trying to undermine your certainity and force you to go home all way long, now finally giving up.
>There was nobody to be seen in house's perimeter.
>Doors were closed, one window was broken.

2015-09-11 07:31:02 No. 24647922
>Oh damn.
>Broken window, relative silence.
>It just wasn't right to see this respective house so quiet after you met ponies living inside.
>You dismissed friend's worried gestures and walked to the door.
>Avoiding holes of course.
> In one of traps you saw Dog soldier. he was still alive, pierced by many spikes.
>He steched his arm towards you, trying to say something.
>>"Horn... go..."
>Only these two words you discerned form his mumbling.
>You heard weeping from hut's interior.

I have some time. Who knows what will happen tomorrow.

2015-09-11 07:51:55 No. 24648171
>You felt somewhat sorry for this poor dog. He might be an enemy, but who deserved to slowly die in some muddy hole, pierced by nasty spikes?
>Absolutely nobody you could think of, even Nightmare Moon followers you know from school, deserved this fate.
>But you had no means to end this dog's suffering.
>He continued to mumble some words, 'horn' and 'no' appearing more than once.

>More important was weeping inside cottage.
>It wasn't too difficult to recognize feminine voice.
> Do you want to approach or follow Cushions, wanting you to return your home?

2015-09-11 08:35:45 No. 24648716
>Sound seemed familiar, so you've decided to knock on the door and call loudly for Kalina.
>Some movement was audible, and after long while you heard someone struggling to open the door.
>Finally it gave up and you faced Miss Kalina. Her face was covered in tears, although she tried to smile when she saw you.
>"What do you want, cutie?" she asked, trying to witthold sobbing that attacked her.
"I came here to warn you, but I see it's already too late. Where is Hranchak?"
>You were straightforward.
>"They hit him" she said emptily.
>Then she sniffed once and bursted into tears, crying some words in her language. Time passed, gunfight still raged outside.

>Cushions was proving to be mare devoid of any compassion apart of one shown towards you, she wanted you both to go.
>Yet you couldn't decide so easily, seeing Hranchak with torn side and his grandmother crying beside him.
>He shot at you, yes, but you would be dead if he decided to hit.
>You know that they cannot defeat themselves after stallion was wounded.
>But you have to decide what to do fast, enemy could be here any given moment.

2015-09-11 09:10:17 No. 24649230
>Quick judge gave you overall view of this stallion's wound.
>It was hard to treat in field conditions, though you are able to heal this wound.
>Assuming you get Hranchak to your home, he can be fixed by some of your bandages, you don't know how many, and generous amount of painkillers.
>He was light for a stallion, you could lift him with aid of your magic and carry him around. with almost no trouble.
>But his grandmother was completely another story.
>She was eager to move, to help whenever she could.
>Yet she couldn't, she was disabled.
>"Treat him, I'll wait " she said "One more war is not going to kill me. Take care of Hranchak, then for my old plot."

2015-09-11 09:34:53 No. 24649540
>Dragging a stallion against his will is bad thing.
>But taking care of wounded, unconscious pony in need was totally different.
>Especially that his caretaker let you to do so.
>You lifted orange stallion and heard his low moan.
>You could carry him to your shelter, no matter his yells.
>But what about Granny Kalina?
>Could she aid you in your struggle?
>"Hold my mane tight, we're moving out" Cushions said taking old mare on her back. "Lead the way, Spring.
>Gunfight intensifies heavily.
>"Barbarians are coming."

2015-09-12 08:38:09 No. 24653723
Hey thanks. Nice to know my quest's good enough for this. I don't know when I will be able to update again, unfortunately.

>Time's weren't exactly good for doing any scavenging.
>Dog in the hole, deep enough to break your legs if you were unlucky, was gurgling something, moving his arms, trying to ease his pain.
>He was holding to his life very tightly, not caring about general pointlessness of it.
>Everything was on him, except of his gun.
>But it was not possible to reach physically and you weren't too sure about magicking it out.
>Mostly because shooting around was happening almost at your place and you had wounded stallion on your back.
>You tried to trot and heard Hran's loud scream, you disregarded it, determined to get out of here as fast as you could.
>Clean with Kalina on her back was doing exactly the same, trotting away from gunfire and trying to keep her head low without casting old mare down.
>Just now, only because checking on them, you saw wings. Kalina was a pegasus.

>Nobody tried to disturb you as you left the cottage.
>You saw another Equestrian armoured car on the street, it's gun turned towards the park, and several soldiers lying on the ground around it.
>They probably have their own problems, so you moved swiftly towards your shelter.
>You have reached barricaded intersection, it was filled by ponies now. One of them turned towards you, genuine concern in his eyes.
>>"What the fuck are you doing here?" he asked loudly, almost screaming at you and Cushions. Then he hailed two other guys. "Shield, tile, help this mares. Where you two live, where should we carry the wounded?"

2015-09-12 02:49:24 No. 24660914
>Two appointed soldiers approached to help you and Clean in an instant, but you halted them.
"Wait! Is it safe enough for you to leave your barricade?"
>You asked with high-pitched voice, trying to be louder than guns.
>>"No need to yell, miss. If it wasn't, you two would be dead already!" closer stallion replied, loudly and clearly, but still in tone lower than yours. "They pushed us back from city borders with a sudden strike, that's why are you here, right? Because otherwise civvies would be evacuated."
"I was 'evacuated' once and I don't want it happening again too soon. We live several houses up this street. Do you maybe know Dogs could be, I don't like the idea of meeting them while on our way home?"
>>"Corporal said they can be everywhere. Since almost all our tanks and most of other vehicles in the district is gone, we can't hold all of the line constantly."
>>"But we aren't falling back yet. Ponies still live here and we swore to protect them." added other soldier. "So what, are we going or not?"
>"Just give me a hoof, okay? And try to not hurt my passenger, she's invalid, something may easily snap." said Cushions, relieved that you are going to get some aid.
>"Hey, I was three times stronger than you at your age!" exclaimed Kalina half-seriously, trying to sweep her sorrow away.

>You were given one stretcher for wounded Hran, he was carried by one of the stallions and Clean.
>And you were buttressing Kalina's left, other stallion her right, to carry her.
>Soon Clean announced that this is the place. She thrown keys at you and you galloped to open the doors.
>Then all four of you entered, resting Kalina on the kitchen chair and her grandson on sofa.
>>"Do you need help with treating his wound? It looks nasty, how did it happen anyway?" asked one of the soldiers.
>"He saw some Dog intruders and shot at them." explained old mare, with her head low.
>>"He had a gun?"
>"Loaded with salt"
>>"Brave but stupid. As I said, can we help more?"

2015-09-12 04:05:53 No. 24661982
"Your help would be very, very appreciated"
>You assured your helpers and then went to bring bandages, painkillers, even these two potions you had.
>When you returned, white stallion was already cleaning Hran's wound using water from his personal flask.
>His brick-coloured colleague unpacked a single gauze.
"Here, these may be useful"
>You put all the utensils close to them and took a few steps back.
>Checking on Clean resulted in seeing her sitting in front of Kalina and trying to have uplifting conversation with her.
>Older mare was just sitting there with her head down, she poked her useless wing and whispered something.

>Now back to living room.
>Soldier's weren't exactly acting like well-educated medics but they knew what they were doing.
>Wound was cleaned, gauze in place. Then white stallion coiled two of the bandages around Hran's torso.
>>"Bullet went through, so it's not a concern. No important organ was damaged, fortunately. Whoever shot him was either complete dumbass or was wounded or startled himself. Fucking Dogs" he relationed Kalina's grandson's condition to you, anger appearing in his voice by end of his statement.
>It was absolutely understandable, although you thought that soldiers definitely curse too much.
"Before you go, can I ask you for some advice? We're three mares alone, what to do? What if Dogs capture us? How do they treat peaceful civilians?"
>>"They barrage cities filled to the brim with civvies, this already should serve as an answer." He responded irritated. "Tile here defended Manehattan before, he could tell you what he saw."

2015-09-12 04:18:33 No. 24662165
>>"It's not a secret" purple soldier took the floor. "They don't care about collateral damage and are easily pissed off. I don't know nothing for sure, but POWs supposedly are sent to labour camps or shot if they resist. Unicorn soldiers aren't taken prisoner, they are slain instead. I know even less about fate of ordinary folk. One time my squad hid from air ride when we were retreating, and I've spotted two fighters diving at refugee convoy. Infantry pillages countryside for supplies on regular basis. It's understandable, but using flamethrowers during this? That's all I saw and can confirm." he finished his elaborate with a sigh.
>He didn't seem to be too disturbed by his own tale, however you could easily feel his pity towards these unknown ponies.
"So I think hiding or escaping from Fillydelphia are best options we have" you said after brief hestitation. You decided not to tell these guys about last option: surrendering. Partially because you weren't convinced to it after Tile said that enemy is killing prisoners of your kin.
>Maybe they execute only soldiers?
>>"Heh, try escaping this shithole now. We're encircled, haven't you heard?" white one snapped angrily, looking at the ceiling.
>>"Shut up Shield. Maybe you could sneak out via eastern districts, I don't know. There aren't any terrible reports coming from there, but Dogs shell these parts much."
>Several shots echoed throughout the air, coming from crossroads barricade.
>>"Get your shit together, Tile, we're leaving" announced Shield, picking up his gear.
>>"Good luck, mares" said Tile before they left.

2015-09-12 04:58:25 No. 24662682
You can do a magic spark, players haven't really tried anything else. But you are not very skilled in magic. How could you learn much more as pony employed in retail before the war.

>Fleeing might be truly difficult now, you've thought.
>Hranchak couldn't move for some time. He had to recover before you could take even first steps towards escaping.
>Also you should talk to both your companions about it, and initiate Hran into this issue when he regains his consciousness.
>You didn't saw him fainting, he must've passed out when you were in bathroom.

>You trotted to the kitchen, both Clean and Kalina were enjoying some soup. Your friend gave you a smile and old mare patted your side.
>"So, how's Hranchak?" they said in unison.
"He needs to recover, but he'll live. Nothing too nasty happened."
>"Uff" you heard Kalina "This is truly a relief, you lifted some weight from my heart. Thank you, sweetheart."
>"We've heard your conversation with these guys" said Cushions after a while of relative silence. "What we're going to do? I wanted to stay home, everything I have is here."
>"I don't know what to say. I stayed in my country for whole war, but left soon after it collapsed. It's economy went straight to the trash and it's citizens became poorer and poorer."
>"Anyway, where could we possibly go? When TV was working I saw that frontline was way down south from Fillydelphia" your friend was sceptical. All of a sudden she did a facehoof and raised from her chair. "Silly me, you must be starving! Here, have some soup"

2015-09-12 05:49:33 No. 24663309
>You gratefully took the full, slightly steaming bowl from Cusions, then sat on last free chair.
>You qickly ate warm, thin yet still tasty cauliflower soup, listening to ambient warsounds.
>Thankfully, most of them were preasumably further than narby intersection, although you heard little noise from there too.
>After satisfying your hunger you went to check on Hran.
>Soldiers left him on the couch after they brought him here, but you had to see if he's comfortable enough.
>Alas, he was still unconscious, so you couldn't talk to him. You removed inconveniently placed pillows and stuck one under his head.
>Then you returned to the kitchen.
"Clean, would you kindly tell me how big is your bed?"
>You asked.
>"Well, certainly not big enough to host three grown mares. I'm glad you asked, though, you reminded us that we should look for something to sleep on. Bare floor's pretty poor place to do so."
"There certainly are beds in other cottages, but I'm not so certain about sticking my nose one centimeter outside our shelter now."
>"I could make a 'bed' on the floor in living room from spare bedsheets I have, I think." considered your friend, propping her head with a hoof. "It should be enough for now. But who will sleep in bed and who on the floor?"

One more post and I will go to sleep, I have to do some things at the morning.

2015-09-12 06:15:20 No. 24663642
"I can sleep on the floor, it's not like I couldn't bear one night" you volunteered. "Besides, Kalina must sleep on the bed anyway and you are our host. So I think it was settled from the very beginning."
>Cushions gave you a bright smile, and Kalina chuckled a bit.
>"You know, if we couldn't manage to get a real bed here tomorrow we could just sleep in shifts" proposed dark-green mare. "One night you sleep on the floor, next night it's my turn."
"Fair enough. Thanks for soup's helping, you're a great cook. I'm going to hit the hay now, good night, mares."
>With that said, you walked to the living room, yawning. Peeking through crack between boards assured you it was dark already.
>Fire went off long ago, but you weren't too tired to put your horn in use, so you placed some wood in the fireplace and lit it with a fine spark.
>With that done, you waited some time for Clean to make you a bedding. She did it swiftly and after several minutes you lied on pretty soft down comforter, covering yourself with fuzzy blanket.
>You couldn't tell when exactly you fell asleep.

2015-09-13 06:59:23 No. 24670591
>You woke up from your undisturbed slumber.
>You slept well, that's for sure, but you cannot get rid of uncanny feeling. You felt uneasiness for some odd reason, always when you thought about...
>Seriously, what in tarnation, why you should be bothered by cheese? It must have been a dream or something, not surprising after thrilling day before.
>You decided to put that aside for now, something different got your attention. There was a book, lying on the ground near your bedding, examination revealed some adventure story.
>You've probably tried to read yourself to sleep or something, but you remember that you entered Luna's realm pretty fast on your own, so this book was quite useless.
>You turned towards sofa to see that Hran was covered by blanket. His breath was more regular, assuring you that he was asleep instead of unconscious.
>Then you stretched yourself, happy about being well rested this time, and heard two mares chattering in the kitchen.
>You were going to walk there and greet them, when other sound arrived to your ears.
>A respective, vibrating hum. After that, alarming shouts from afar.

2015-09-13 08:16:18 No. 24670976
>Creatures responsible for shouting were almost certainly ponies, you judged after opening the door just enough to hear better.
>They went silent when hum became more audible and you weren't sure if you should peep outside. You knew that aeroplanes make the same sound, but this time it was somehow different than before.
>After brief struggle between reason and curiousity you stuck your head out the house to see what is going on.
>Barricade seemed to be empty, as you didn't spot any figures, pony or not, there. You hears shout so it is best to assume that soldiers there are just hiding.
>Just then aeroplanes flew over you on height lower than usual.
>There were just three and they dropped something, so you hid in house's interior just in case.
>You heard jingling of metal on the street and sidewalk, multiple knocks of small things basically everywhere around.
>You took cover, hearing movement from living room, probably Hran was awake.

>Nothing happened, nothing exploded, so you got to your hooves again and trotted to see what exactly planes dropped.
>On your lawn lied vast amount of spoons.
>Their scoops were carved and they had somewhing written on their handles.
"Pony, go home, so I can go too" you read loudly.

2015-09-13 09:50:55 No. 24671603
I think this was a stupid part to ask for any input, I'm sorry. Also, work time.

>You took one spoon with you to show it to your comrades.
>And you saw soldiers - ponies defending crossroads barricade - moving in the distance, taking their posts.
>Some of them probably picked up some spoons too, you heard muffled laughter and a single shout, most likely command.
>You returned home and went straight to the living room to see what's with Hran.
>He was awake and tried to faintly smile at while rising up. Pain twisted his expression, turning it into disturbing grin. He refrained from getting up.
>>"H-hi, speshal snowflake. Could you give me water?" he pleaded.
>You nodded and trotted to the kitchen, just in time to see Clean helping Kalina to get from under the table.
"Look what aeroplanes dropped"
>You said, leaving carved spoon on the table.
>"It's made to make soldiers surrender or desert, Spring. It's pretty obvious" said Cushions after examining what you brought.
"Also can I have a mug of water? Hran's awake and thirsty."
>"Sure thing. I'll get him water, you'll help Miss Kalina walk to him, okay?"
"Uh-uh. Miss, please hold my neck tight."
>Old mare complied to your bidding and all three of you moved to the living room.
>Green earth mare gently gave Hranchak water to drink, he took it with gratefullness.
>>"Is our home no more, granny?" he asked after doing away with his thirst. "And did I got this fooker?"
>"Of course you did, you saved us, lad. But our home is likely gone. Maybe something is in there" his granny replied. "I could use my wheelchair again."
>You could scout the area again if you are not too scared to do so.

I'll try to find better places to seek for input next time, I swear. Thank you all.

2015-09-13 04:12:46 No. 24676226
>You assumed that presence of ponies with guns able of rapid fire in your area is a good indicator of safety.
>At least until Dogs with guns able of exactly same thing will appear, then shit will hit the fan.
>For now, you could go outside and check for anything useful, considering finding a bed, because you absolutely need it, and Kalina's wheelchair, so she can move around your shelter without other ponies' help.
>Another time you were going to scout the area alone, because with Hran wounded and bounded to couch you couldn't take Cushions with you.
>Somepony has to defend this cottage when you are away.
>Unless you will send Clean for scavenging and stay at home instead.

2015-09-13 04:54:45 No. 24676706
>You played in your head with idea of sending green mare outside, staying in relatively comfy house yourself.
>After a short while you've decided that your magic is desired advantage when scavenging, so it seemed that you had to go.
>Damn. You need for action was satsfied yesterday so much that you could sell your soul for a ceasefire.
"I'm going to check your house, Miss Kalina. Is there anything apart of wheelchair that you or we would need?"
>"Well, my son dug us a basement when he was alive, there are come fruit preserves and pickled vegetables" she said, taking her time to hestitate. "I think that's all."
"Goodbye then, I'll be back as soon as possible" you assured your companions, picking your bag. You might have telekinesis, but it will be occupied by a bed, you felt it.

>You left your shelter, Clean decided that doors will be closed but not locked in case you had to enter really quick.
>Quick trot south led you to familiar barricade with also familiar squad of ponies holding their posts. Purple pegasus waved his hoof at you.
>You recognized Tile.
>>"Where in Tartarus are you trying to go?" he asked warily when he approached you.
>>"I could ask you exactly the same question, soldier. Do you mind returning to your post?" said the same guy that let his ponies help you yesterday.
>>"Of course Corporal, sir!" Tile replied and instantly trotted away, leaving you be.
>When you were passing the intersection your field of view was wider, so you could see pillars of smoke raising from various places in suburbs.
>Some of them close.
>Some of them were located in general direction of your objective.
>Full of bad feelings you trotted cautiously, sticking to walls, towards Kalina and Hran's home.

>Bad feelings were proven right. Their house was covered by roaring fire.
>Further in street's perspective you saw armoured car from previous day, wrecked and abandoned. Three dead ponies were lying beside it.
>There was more smoke rising from park's direction.

2015-09-13 05:33:49 No. 24677160
>Well, there goes wheelchair. Another way to obtain this kind of device is finding a hospital. >You know about two private clinics and one Provincional Hospital, latter in city centre, both former respectively in one of northern districts and in your own district, Millenium Estate.
>No information about that kind of facilities here, in southern districts.
>You would eventually have to look for hospital or, more likely, private medical facility later.
>Now you decided that you could check the Dog sitting in one of Hran's traps, so all escapade won't be just wasting daytime.
>You carefully approached the hole, feeling waves of heat radiating from burning house.
>Peeking inside allowed you to ascertain that guy wasn't going anywhere. Ever.
>Everything was same as you left it. Dog wore tactical vest on his uniform, he had a small backpack, his helmet was still on his head.
>You hadn't heard too close shots or shouts now, so you reached to the bottom of the pit with your magic and slowly pulled out vest and backpack.
>Backpack was pierced in two places and vest was slightly torn, but dead soldier's belongings seemed to be intact apart of this little damage.
>You are not sure if going through his stuff right now was totally safe.
>You could return home, scout some more area, stay here. Nobody was disturbing you at this moment.

2015-09-13 06:09:44 No. 24677596
>You picked up what you found on Dog's body with your telekinesis and left blazing remnants of Kalina's home.
>You didn't get wheelchair or food from hoof-digged basement, but you had some stuff and you still needed to find yourself a bed.
>You decided that you could bring one from houses closer to your location rather than from here, so you made for now well-known crossroads.
>Nothing changed, there was no need for stopping here, you've passed the place freely and entered nearest house.
>Some backpacks lied down around, along with some loose equipment like little amount of tinned food, significantly more filled cantines, some packages labeled with red patch, similar to one on bathroom locker in your cottage.
>Some beds were brought here and placed together in former living room.
>You have just found 'field barracks', this probably ment that you aren't going to find any bed between your place and barricade.

Some doubts have crawled into my mind. I need feedback.

2015-09-13 06:42:03 No. 24677992
Yes. Doubts. I want both players and myself to enjoy thing I'm doing and simultaneously give you a challenge. I want to do it right.

>You left building seemingly taken as shelter by soldiers and trotted back to their position.
>You weren't sure how they would react if disturbed, but they were pony soldiers, plus their commandant helped you before.
>You cleared your throat to gain their attention.
"Hello. I see you are making yourself cozy"
>My Celestia this is awkward.
"Could you please tell me if there is any bed still to be found nearby? We need one more for our own shelter, your answer would be very helpful."
>After a while of silence you got collective chuckle coming from most stallions present.
>>"Sure thing, lady. We have taken every adult-sized bed from here to your home. You could look for smaller ones, I think you would fit" one soldier replied with a smirk on his muzzle.
>>"What are you going to do then, move it on your back? Or maybe with your horn?" asked you other one, he was an unicorn himself. "I didn't meet any gifted pony that could move heavy furniture only by his magic."
>>"You won't be very gifted anymore when Dogs get you, Blaze."
>"Ey shut the fuck up, Tile."

2015-09-13 07:26:46 No. 24678491
"You know, I already did it once. With adult-sized bed, to be more specific."
>You bragged, wanting to cover awkwardness you felt before.
>>"Yeah, right, and we alone can go all the way to Howlsberg" said unicorn "But you will find a bed you seek so hard in a cottage two possesions north from our little Fort Snafu"
>You thanked soldiers for that they were helpful once again and left the intersection.
>One quick trot later you found yourself in front of house standing next to utterly ruined one. Just fifteen more meters and you could visit Corkscrew's grave if you wished to.
>But you weren't here for a grave. Unicorn was right, in this hut's bedroom you saw lighter rectangle, indicating where regular bed stood once, wardrobe with both doors pulled out, and bed a bit bigger than usual filly-sized one.
>You lied on it to see if you would fit.
>You did.
>So you focused and engulfed furniture in your azure aura, putting backpack and vest you've found on it.
>It was slowly lifted, not too high. You could move while holding a bed in your magical grip, but it was slow and tiring.
>When you arrived to your shelter, you were panting and slightly sweating.
>You physically opened the door and just after you brought bed in, it slipped out your magic.
>With Clean's help you picked it up and took to living room, falling on it right after it was properly placed.
"Never more."
>You said weakily, puffing.
"At least not this week. Miss Kalina, your house is burning, I couldn't get anything from it."
>"You tried, sweetheart" old mare replied, trying to get some warmth in her rather unhappy voice.
>Cushions brought you some water. You finally pulled dog's stuff out from under yourself.
>"Wait, what's this?" your friend inspected backpack and vest. "You looted guy from the hole? Was he dead already? Have you checked what's in there?"

One more reply.

2015-09-13 08:10:27 No. 24679008
"Yes, yes, and no"
>You said, calming your breath and just having a rest. Satisfying your thirst helped much.
"Time to find out what that fellow had on himself"
>Everypony who could gathered around to see what may be inside vest's pouches that you decided to examine first.
>Hran reminded you about his presence by low moan followed by "I want to see too!", so you turned towards the couch. Cushions put Kalina on your bed.
>Pouches contained two clips for assault rilfe, three gauzes, small pack of patches, bottle that after opening smelled like alcohol and salicylic acid, letter written in foreign language, army knife, small multitool and a small book with strange symbol on it. It resembled both Sun, and spider web. Rest of pouches were either empty or filled with...
>Watches. Personal watches of all colours and sizes.
>Searching backpack revealed spare underwear and kind of brimless cap, balaclava, simple sewing set, pack of crackers, canned meat and two bottles of water.
>Another water canteen was attached to rucksack's side.
>All three ponies were somewhat disturbed by meat-containing tins, collective decision was to put them away for now.
>You still had much of the day.

It took me so long this time because I tried to draw that symbol. Several times.

2015-09-14 06:12:45 No. 24683254
Not quite. Imagine regular octagon web, around it a circle that must touch web's peaks. Then add "rays" coming from circle, but not placed in line with octagon's peaks. They should stretch from parts of circle corresponding with middle of octagons sides.
For a time I wanted to give you kolovrat, but I decided it will not fit.

I erased magazines and replaced them with clips. I don't know other words if they exist.

>You decided that you can sacrifice spare hours you still have before sunset to hunt for any more useful things.
>Right after you rested of course, it didn't take you too long, but you needed a while for yourself.
>You took letter and book with you, for you wanted it to be translated by soldiers, if possible. It might have some useful information for them, and maybe for you too.
>Your first stop was, well, barricade. Soldiers there greeted you with tired, slightly fake grins, and Tile waved at you again.
>>"What brings you here again? Puberty?" unicorn was merciless, and let out muffled chuckle when you blushed even so slightly.
>Several others laughed too for a brief while, finally silenced by Tile and their commandant.
>>"Ah, well, do you maybe want to show us proof that you can lift and move a bed around with only your magic?" asked other guy you didn't know yet "We made some serious bets on that matter, you know."
"I just want to show you something, please. Can anypony here translate dog?"
>They were looking at each other for several seconds, before unicorn approached you.
>>"I can. I'm not outstanding in this poor excuse for a language, mind it."
>You showed him the letter first. He picked it with his magic.
>He started to read it and he surely was taking his time to do so. He frowned once, and then worry creeped on his face.
>>"Well, this is a copy of proclamation issued by both their Chancellor and Generalissimus.

2015-09-14 06:38:17 No. 24683340
>>"As far as I can discern from all these worthless babbling about glory, will of the gods and whatnot, it says that Fillydelphia must fall before winter. It is now objective of utmost importance for besieging forces to take the city. It is stated that it must be punished for it's stubborness. Punishment is not clarified. Nothing said about POWs, civillians, nothing about movement of Dog forces. In the end there are several reminders, encouragement and a blessing."
>Soldiers were looking at each other again, their muzzles devoid of any emotion, they were possibly pretending.
>>"We hadn't found this specific brochure before" said Tile the purple pegasus after a while of relative silence. "It surely illuminates their recent actions, including fierce attacks on our positions."
>>"Shame that it was just some flyer, not copy of more exact orders, we would know how bad is our situation, then" commandant took the floor. "Is there anything we can help you with?"
"I also found a book"
>You let them see what were you talking about, mentioned book floating in your aura.
>They needed just a glance, nopony even opened it.
>>"It's a mixture of religious fanaticism, blatant propaganda directed against magic and raging specieism. Not worth a read" explained unicorn.
"Thanks for translation. Do you want to keep the brochure?
>>"I doubt our headquarters missed it. You can take it with you, if you wish."
"Well, good bye then. Take care."
>>"You too."

>After visiting Equestrian post you decided to move left, eastern road, because there wasn't so much smoke there.
>You trotted towards next intersection, thinking that soldiers looted every house close to them and that you need to look for stuff farther.
>Next crossroads featured similar barricade, but this one was completely abandoned. Empty Dog tank stood in the middle of it.
>Your eyes met with two pony legs sticking from under it's tracks.
>Examine barricade?

2015-09-14 07:50:18 No. 24683564
>Taking more scrutinous look around resulted in making you sick.
>Apart of one unfortunate pony under abandoned tank you found twelve more bodies in close vicinity of destroyed post.
>All of them were ponies, but only two were casually shot.
>Most of them must've been engaged in close quarters combat, as their heads or torsoes were pierced by multiple particles, more or less severely.
>One pony had it's chest almost minced, fright and pain frozen in his eyes and hooves trying to hold it from falling apart. You were not able to tell when his flesh was replaced by uniform material.
>Two had their throats torn by teeth, small, rag-looking pieces of meat were scattered near their bodies.
>All of them had one of their ear cut off.
>Two dead unicorns had they horns severed.
>Tank seems to be signed with some letters, pretty freshly painted.
>As you thought, nothing useful was fo be found, bodies were despoiled from everything, saddlebags were torn, only some spare underwear remained.
>Intersection is exactly the same as one by your shelter. It leads west, you came from there, east, north, towards the centre, and south. Southern parts of suburbs are decorated with some smoke.

2015-09-14 08:57:46 No. 24683954
>Going straight, eastwards in this case, seemed like a good option.
>From what you could see, area was likely intact. Several causes for this came to your head.
>There are still ponies somewhere there, standing their ground. Dogs rush towards city centre to force Equestrian troops to surrender. Everypony left the place early and there is nothing valuable for soldiers of both sides.
>You have approached to cottage located by the middle part of the street.
>Doors were closed, there was not a single sign of life inside.
>Distant shooting and muffled detonations were coming from behind you, indicating that resistance south from here is still present.

2015-09-14 10:03:07 No. 24684335
>You pushed the door carefully to see if it's locked.
>No, it gave up easily under your hoof and you were just to enter the cottage when you heard faint sound of some string snapping, followed by quietly running gears.
>You backed off to the lawn, in time to see and hear door and part of the wall on the left exploding.
>You ducked, so you have mostly avoided any chunks of wood flying around. One small plank hit you, but it wasn't alarming, you just hissed from some pain.
>You waited for dust to clear and approached again.
>Not counting a hole where doors were before, front wall was cracked and windows were gone, shattered glass littering grass under your hooves.
>Upon entering, you saw regular corridor leading to every other room in this house.
>It was bright enough and your sight was sharp, so you have managed to see that there were strings across doorways to bathroom and kitchen.

2015-09-14 03:31:32 No. 24687503
>Although you clearly saw that traps were there, you had no idea what to do with them, plus you were afraid of blowing yourself up.
>At least yourself, you said in mind, little shiver travelling through your whole body.
>You retreated carefully enough to not step on any too pointy or sharp litter, and went towards abandoned tank.
>You went past it without any trouble, but you aready saw figures of two ponies swiftly approaching from your local post's direction.
>You waved at them just to be one hundred percent sure that they won't do anything utterly stupid. Better safe than sorry.
>They were visibly fraught, cautious and ready to shoot someone. However they slowly relaxed, looking at you with mixed feelings.
>>"You heard that, I presume?" asked one of them, gray pegasus, trying to act like this was completely usual question.
>>"You have just earnt yourself a medal for blinding smartness, Chop. I have a better question for you, mare. What the fuck did you do?" another unicorn had more proffesional and frank attitude.
"N-nothing at all, I swear!
>You assured soldiers, slightly nervous, maybe you shouldn't even be there?
"I tried to enter a house right after that intersection and then I heard a string snap and door blew up. Just like that!"
>>"Well, you are alive and kicking, that's neat. So some bastard booby-trapped this house. Have you tried to visit any more cottages?" unicorn was still the one to investigate.
>>"That's goot thing too. I think we should return and report about danger to our commandant. Are you going with us, yes?"
"Yes, but there's more I wanted to say, now that I met you. There are... there are some our soldiers and a tank at checkpoint behind us."
>You said, trying to remain calm and even almost succeeding. Your voice wasn't shaky at all, just more high-pitched.
>Both armed ponies looked at you for awhile, then nodding to each other.

2015-09-14 03:47:45 No. 24687677
>>"You have to go with us and tell Corporal about all what you saw. This might be important" announced unicorn after quiet hestitation.
>They made you take position between them, with pegasus leading and unicorn guarding your back.
>All three of you remained close to the walls, and soldiers were advertent.
>But returning didn't take too long and it was uneventful.
>Pegasus reported return of the scout squad and then gently pushed you towards ruby earth pony, who was looking straight in your eyes, anticipant of what you had to say.
>He was quiet, so you assumed that you just need to talk right now.
"Um... Mister Commandant, I want to tell you that somebody hid traps in houses one block east from here. I stumbled upon one, but managed to escape before it gone off. There are also dead ponies and abandoned tank at next crossroads. Tank has some symbols written on it's side. They are pretty fresh."
>You were calm enough not to become a laughing stock for ponies around, surely more used to gruesome pictures you have seen. Yet your eyes were wide open, and that was spotted by ruby pony.
>>"Is this all? If yes, you should probably go home. What's your name?"

2015-09-14 04:34:57 No. 24688239
"My name is Spring, Mister Corporal."
>You replied promptly.
>>"Call me Tool. You aren't a soldier, Spring, aren't you? You don't have to 'corporal' me. Now go. We will investigate this intersection you told us about."
"Okay, Mister Tool. Could I ask you... Houses are good places to look for supplies we need to survive. Are your ponies able of disarming these traps? Of course after they inspect them, and I will be there to help!"
>Last sentence was included by you mostly because you didn't want to sound selfish or greedy. These soldiers helped you and all that, you kind of start to like them.
>Also you should add that you were not sure how they would react for supposed overusing their good will.
>>"No worries, we will handle it if we'll find some spare time. We could use some explosives, maybe other stuff" Tool assured you that he wasn't going to be mad at you for your questions.
>>"I'm okay with you scavenging around, I understand you just have to do it. As long as you don't loot the dead or murder wounded, that is."
>He looked at you ominously, then chuckled and turned towards his soldiers.
>They began planning their next move, so you decided that you should go and not trouble them anymore.
>After a short walk you were home, Clean let you in.
>Everything was normal as it could be in these circumstances. Hran was reading a book, Kalina was sitting in front of fireplace, peeling some potatoes.
>"So how was it?" asked green mare when you sat on bed in living room.
>>"Yeah, tell us something fancy!" added Hranchak.

2015-09-14 04:36:10 No. 24688258
"My name is Spring, Mister Corporal."
>You replied promptly.
>>"Call me Tool. You aren't a soldier, Spring, are you? You don't have to 'corporal' me. Now go. We will investigate this intersection you told us about."
"Okay, Mister Tool. Could I ask you... Houses are good places to look for supplies we need to survive. Are your ponies able of disarming these traps? Of course after they inspect them, and I will be there to help!"
>Last sentence was included by you mostly because you didn't want to sound selfish or greedy. These soldiers helped you and all that, you kind of start to like them.
>Also you should add that you were not sure how they would react for supposed overusing their good will.
>>"No worries, we will handle it if we'll find some spare time. We could use some explosives, maybe other stuff" Tool assured you that he wasn't going to be mad at you for your questions.
>>"I'm okay with you scavenging around, I understand you just have to do it. As long as you don't loot the dead or murder wounded, that is."
>He looked at you ominously, then chuckled and turned towards his soldiers.
>They began planning their next move, so you decided that you should go and not trouble them anymore.
>After a short walk you were home, Clean let you in.
>Everything was normal as it could be in these circumstances. Hran was reading a book, Kalina was sitting in front of fireplace, peeling some potatoes.
>"So how was it?" asked green mare when you sat on bed in living room.
>>"Yeah, tell us something fancy!" added Hranchak.

2015-09-14 05:06:51 No. 24688657
"I didn't bring anything this time, Clean"
>She slightly saddened, who wouldn't after all, but after your next words her expression turned to worry.
"I found a house which was booby trapped. I blew up it's front door, but I managed to get to a safe distance before."
>"Booby trapped?" all of a sudden you heard Kalina's curious voice. "Like how?"
"Single string across the doorway. I saw more traps than one I triggered."
>"You could see dem normally?"
"Well, yes."
>"So they ain't ment for enemy soldiers, dey are prepared to take out bandits or other creatures in a rush, not careful."
"How could you know that?"
>"Back in Konjeslavia rebels booby trapped literally everyfing when dey were retreating, so traps could kill even pretty cautious soldier hitting the hay in supposedly checked house, trying to loot a body, using de well, opening a toolbox or food ration, even removing fick spiderweb" she explained to you.
"So if I decided not to risk entering another house..."
>"You were very wise little mare, Spring."
>"It's making scavenging waaaay more complicated" complained Cushions with a loud sigh. "So where we will find any supplies now?"
"I asked soldiers from barricade for help. Their Corporal agreed to disarm traps, but now, now I am not sure about the whole idea. I might just have sentenced them to death."
>It was early afternoon, you had tonnes of watches, so you could tell it's about 13:54, give or take three minutes.
>You still had a time to do something.

2015-09-14 05:59:30 No. 24689324
Sorry, I was away.
>You determined that you will call it a day and won't go anywere else.
>You weren't particulary sleepy, or too tired on that matter, so you had to find a way to kill some time.
>Reading a book... nah. You tried that once and surely will again, but now you realized something.
>You know almost nothing about your new comrades, Kalina and Hranchak. Well, apart from several minor facts: they were foreign, old mare survived a war before and her grandson was not right in his head.
>Why not use spare time to get to know each other?
"Is if too intrusive if I ask what were you doing before the war, Miss Kalina and Hran?"
>You started a talk politely, turning to face both.
>Clean decided to sit by your side, but she don't seemed to be too interested.
>You assumed that they were already after this kind of conversation.
>"No, sweetheart, it's not intrusive at all." pegasus mare assured you, smiling. Then, she continued. "I was retired, you could easily tell. My grandson was manual worker in this Techmaturgy factory."
>>"And I fooking hated it. They all were so stuck-up, my supervisors. Oh poof-oof you earth pony give me that thing from shelf two metres above you. Of course you can't, ha ha, manual labour is all you can do" Hran made terrible imitation of some random unicorn behaving like queen bee. "I hope their factory was bombed to oblivion."

2015-09-14 07:05:07 No. 24690265
>You have decided to keep to yourself the fact that you felt hurt by Hran's words.
>He just wished that your mother's workplace got wrecked. But you thought you could try to understand his anger.
"Well, I was trying to be self-reliant mare and worked in retail. But my boss was okay most of the time. How's your wound, Hran?"
>>"Better. I think I can... oh gods fook sranje!" He tried to stretch his body, then gave up. "At least I will have a tale for my own foals one day."
"Well, glad to hear that you are one optimistic stallion. I'll ask both of you, do you mind telling me what are your talents, this could help in giving tasks to each of us? I think that my basic one is telekinesis, but well, it's pretty common. Amongst unicorns."
>>"I can make almost everything you bring to me up and running in no time. Of course I'd need tools, I'm not a, tfu, magician." replied Hranchak.
>"And I was a cook before I was paralyzed. Oh, I still remember deir awe when I made dem one of our traditional dishes!" his grandmother followed.
"And Clean, pray tell me how we are doing on supplies? We aren't going to starve anytime soon, right?"
>"Brutal reality is that, even with your and mine stocks combined, we aren't gonna last long on what we have. There are four of us. I give us four days for food and seven for water." your friend answered your question instantly, as if she waited for it.

Untill tomorrow. I'll try to appear around 15 EE. If thread dies, stay tuned, for I will announce next one in CYOA Discussion.

2015-09-15 07:19:45 No. 24695520
"Then we will have to look for more food and water. Clean, you lived here for long time, where you used to go shopping? Any neighbourhood groceries nearby? A supermarket maybe?"
>You propped your head on your hoof, thinking. You probably would come up with idea like this before, but intensity of recent events was one good distraction.
>"Oh, right! We should check 'Go for Veg", if it's not burned yet. It was up the same street that park is" Cushions cheered up, and then began pondering if there were any more places you could visit for supplies. "There is... was a gas station south from there. I don't have a car so I don't know where exactly. And 'Real' thirty minutes towards city centre. 'Real' is pretty big and stands in the open, surrounded by parking lot."
"Great. So we have two potential supply sources, assuming they are not looted or damaged, especially that grocery near the park. It's worthy of checking out, nevertheless. I am not sure about this gas station. Soldiers need gas for their vehicles and it's south, closer to fighting."
>Then you decided that you could unveil other plan you came up with, one that will allow you to make your own food eventually.
"Cushions, do we have a garden?"
>"Every house in this district was built the same way. With lawn in front and backyard in the back." your friend answered right away. "I know what are you trying to suggest. I'm all for it, everypony is. But we need to find some seeds or saplings first. I think I remember rasberries growing in garden with Corkscrew's grave."
"Then we have our objectives set and priorities established."
>Who will go scavenging this time? You still had lot time before nightfall.

2015-09-15 08:46:17 No. 24695889
"Clean, I think you should go with me this time. You know these places, I don't."
>"Okay, I guess, but what's with remaining two of us?" she showed concern.
"There are friendly soldiers by barricade, remember? I say we are defended, at least for now. Plus I think I might get them even more friendly towards us, if my plan will work."
>"I trust you, but don't be too much of a smartass, you may overdo something one time."
"I'll keep that in mind. Take your knife, I don't think pipe is particulary better. It's definitely less handy."
>You waited by the door for Clean to prepare. It didn't take too long, all she had to do was take a knife and her saddlebags. You had your bag by your side since last excursion.
>On her way out she picked up two watches and gave you one.
>"It's better to know what time is it. And we could synchronize meeting hour if we split up."
>Both of you waved a goodbye to Hran and his granny, your friend decided to leave door key inside.
>Then you trotted towards the barricade, dismissing Clean's "but it's in opposite direction!" for the time being. You needed to talk to these guys.
>When you approached you already spotted that there were fewer of them than you remembered.
"Sorry for bothering you again..."
>>"Again" quietly repeated one of them.
"... but I think I could use your help again. Not for free this time. Could one, maybe two of you come with us scavenging this time? We are aiming to visit some shops. My proposition is that for your help we will provide you all with nice, warm and tasty homemade meal from time to time."
>They seemed pretty indifferent, maybe even slightly annoyed, not counting perfectly calm corporal, but last sentence gained their attention in a blink of an eye.
>Some of them even cheered shyly.
>>"I hadn't eaten some good dinner in months!" you heard from white stallion who helped your with Hran. Shield was his name? Probably.

2015-09-15 08:49:19 No. 24695908
>Their bulding up enthusiasm was disturbed by chilly voice of the ruby corporal.
>>"As much as I want to help you, I've already sent five of my ponies to scout both the other barrricade area and the block with booby trapped house. I don't think I can afford letting any more of my soldiers to go with you. Not until scout party returns."
>Armed ponies voiced their dissatisfaction, just a bit, and then went silent. You could easily tell that they are disappointed.
>Perspective of fine meal was most likely very inviting for them. You didn't feel surprised when one of them, this white stallion, whispered with this companions and then walked to his commandant.
>>"I ask for premission to voluntarily go with these two mares, Corporal sir!" he said while standing at attention and saluting. Ruby stallion sighed.
>>"We're not in the barracks, at ease, Shield. You know there aren't too many of us here and we don't know whole situation around."
>>"I also know that scurvy won't help us defending this position. And our scout party should show up soon."
>>"You know what, Shield?" said corporal after taking lenghty gaze in his subordinate's eyes. "You can go. You are right about the scurvy. But mind you, if some Equestrian troops will capture you and charge you for desertion, I'm not helping you."
>Shield faltered slightly, but stood still and nodded.
>>"Understood, sir."
>He gathered some of his equipment lying near his previous position, put his helmet and nodded to you, ready.
>Where Clean should lead you first?

I'm away for some time.

2015-09-15 03:34:23 No. 24698082
>You felt like choosing 'Go for Veg' is better option for now. However you needed to be sure about this.
>Your green friend led you up the street, towards city center, yet she said this grocery is located by parallel road on the left, westwards.
"Not that I don't trust you or something, but I think Shield should know more about our targets" you wrapped your concern in layer of reason.
>"Right. Sorry. Well, nearest grocery shop is on the street's corner, we'll walk for about ten minutes I think. It stands by the very road that park is located."
>>"I assume you need some intel, yes? Here it goes. We had several squads holding the park two days ago. Basically our job was to cover retreating Equestrians, then move out and join the rest of our regiment. We only have short-wave radios, so contact with anypony outside of two to two and a half kilometer radius is not possible. Park went silent yesterday at dusk."
"What about damage? Better to know if this shop is still standing."
>>"There were no heavy bombardments or barrages in this district, apart of one misaimed air raid. Most shit hits the center. Suburbs are plagued mainly by mortar or flamethrower squads."
>"As for the fire, look to the left." said Cushions, pointing her hoof in mentioned direction.
>Dark smoke was raising from several places and you heard machine sounds.
>Shield immediately crouched down and went to the street corner to see what this could be.
>Then he straightened up and turned towards both of you, smiling brightly.
>>"We're probably pretty safe now, come and see."
>You complied and trotted to his position, somewhat curious.

2015-09-15 03:35:24 No. 24698091
>Behind the corner you saw a tank labeled with Moon and Sun symbol, armoured car and some ponies around both vehicles.
>Shield went straight to them, but not before gesturing that you should stay where you are.
>You saw him hailing others and talking to them. You were not able to discern the words, everypony kept their voice low.
>After a while of chatting both Shield and one of other guys pulled out their radiotelephones.
>Then Shield waved his hoof at you, calling you to him.
>You immediately trotted around the corner, closely followed by Clean, and he introduced you to one of new ponies.
>>"This is Barrel, 3rd Mechanized. Thank Celestia, his comrades are currently heading towards Fillydelphia's borders, which means both this place should be relatively safe for the time being, and that nearby troops are from this moment aware of fact that I'm allowed to aid you. Long story short we're safe and I'm not seen as a deserter." white stallion explained to you, maintaining his joyful attitude.
>Other soldier remained silent and just nodded when he was introduced, looking at you blanky.
>There was something weird in his eyes. They were like two glass balls stuck in his skull. Empty.
>After a short farewell Clean took the lead again and soon you were standing in front of small, one-floor building made, quite surprising, from stone and wood, not only the latter.
>It wasn't touched by the fire, however you consider yourself lucky to find it this way, because some cinders were still smoldering just on the other side of the road.
>Windows were broken of course, doors damaged like someone was trying to bash them, unsuccesfully.
>Area was noisy, thanks to vehicles slowly advancing down the street.
>Quick glance into the shop assured you that it was visited before, certainly. But it wasn't robbed clean, one pack of dried potatoes in jars was lying almost at your hooves. It was just left there.

2015-09-15 04:24:40 No. 24698528
>Cushions was already reaching for tomatoes but just before she touched the pack you pulled her back.
"The traps, Clean, there might be some traps!"
>Her ears dropped and eyes widened. Warning was successful, she is not going to endanger herself so easily.
>Shield approached to see if he can spot anything suspicious apart of this pack.
>>"Move it with your magic or something to see what happens. From the safe distance!"
>You followed his command and walked away, then focusing on fishy package. Your aura enveloped it and you slowly pushed it towards shop's interior.
>Nothing happened.
>You tried being more stern, moving it around.
>Still nothing. No clicks, snaps, jingles, and thankfully no explosions. But in that noise around you could miss sounds other than detonation, couldn't you?
>Then all of you moved further back, you decided to lift packed dried tomatoes out of the shop.
>You closed your eyes and clenched your teeth, preparing for something unknown.
>Drop of sweat travelled from your forehead all the way to your muzzle.
>You opened your eyes again.
>Package was floating in the air in front of the shop.
>You took a deep breath and placed it on the sidewalk, allowing white soldier to check it first.
>>"It's clear!" he announced.
>You approached the shop again, stallion already searching for more suspicious things.
>He asked you to use your magic several more times, but it seemed that 'Go for Veg' wasn't booby trapped.
>You decided to overcome your fear and entered the building via broken window, while Shield used other one. You didn't move, he was the one looking around at first.
>After walking around for a bit and taking a look here and there he visibly relaxed.
>>"Well, it looks like this place is safe. Gather what you want, mares, be careful and warn me if you will find something unusual. I'll guard the corner, just in case" he said and left, this time through the door, bashing it properly.

2015-09-15 04:25:41 No. 24698537
>You knew what to look for, so it didn't take long.
>After half an hour you filled your pouch and Clean's saddlebags with various kinds of canned food, from just vegetables to simple soups, some loose water bottles and several can openers you could find conveniently placed by cash register on the counter.
>You picked two multipacks of water (six bottles each) in your magic grip, Clean used her mouth to carry another one.
>Shield placed pack of tomatoes in jars on his back.
>At first you wanted to take some breads with you, but you went for tins instead, because baked goods were stale and some of them mouldy.
>Dairy products and other stuff in fridges wasn't edible anymore, you were sure, so you didn't even consider taking it with you.
>A packet of tomato seeds and other one of cucumber seeds found their place in your pouch, just because they were small.
>There still were some things of use, but you couldn't take them with you.
>You are done here.

There aren't any shopping carts in small local grocery.

2015-09-15 04:58:06 No. 24698907
>You returned to your shelter swiftly as you way back was uneventful.
>In time of peace you would probably say 'It was boring', but now it felt like a blessing from powers above. Maybe even from Celestia herself.
>When you returned home, you brought happiness with you. Kalina mainly seemed to be glad that you are back in one piece, while Hran was positively surprised by supplies you gathered.
>Successful scavenging was good for morale of your little group.
>>"So yeah" said Shield after greeting everypony in the house and placing tomatoes on the floor. "I'm off to the barricade. Shit, it was awesome to leave it even for a while."
>"I share your opinion, it was kind of nice to go on a walk too. It's way better than sitting here, looking at decreasing water supply while listening to gunfight outside." agreed Cushions, they shared wide smiles.
>>"But don't forget the 'warm meal' part of our deal, okay? Today or tomorrow, it doesn't matter, but prepare it soon." Shield said standing in the doorway. He jokingly saluted you and your friend, then trotted away.
>Clean closed and locked the door.
>"What a day, huh? I'll unpack and count our troves."
>You felt hungry and stress made you tired.

2015-09-15 05:31:22 No. 24699250
>Clean pushed pack of tomatoes to the kitchen, then she moved her multipack of water. You placed your two nearby, then you both unpacked all of your food and loose water bottles.
>It took whole table. You knew that it still isn't abundance when you divide it all between four ponies, nevertheless sight made you feel warmth inside.
>Your escapade wasn't in vain.
>"I bet you are starving. We all had a time to eat, except you, so, well, you will have the honour of opening first of our new tins." Clean placed her hoof on your back and sent you encouraging smile. "You surely want to eat heated food, so just pick the can you want and I will prepare the pot."
>She turned around and went through a cupboard to find nice little pot.
>At the same time you choose cucumber soup, opened the tin and poured it's content into the pot.

>Not long time later you were enjoying steaming, tasty soup. You had to make it thinner, so it would become less salty, but you still felt like it was cooked by your mom and you were eating it in your own cozy home.
>Fire was gently flaming in the living room, Kalina tried to knit something from wool that Clean found somewhere.
>Hran was sleeping and oh boy how loud he was snoring.
>Clean was reading a book.
>Your head was heavy, eyes almost closing, yet Sun wasn't even particularly close to the horizon.
>Then your lazy mind stumbled upon an important question.
>You promised you are going to prepare fresh and warm meal for the soldiers.
>How many of them were there anyway?
>You saw eight by the barricade today. The corporal said that some of them were scouting next block east. You racked your brain to memorize how many were there at first.
>Fourteen? You think that's it. Fourteen stallions to feed.
>With this in your mind you sluggishly walked towards your bed, conveniently placed when the TV stood before. You have to than Cushion for this later.
>You were asleep quicker than your head touched the pillow.
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