Anonymous is invited to the "ball of the stars" to spend some time with all the Zodiac ponies
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!!OrgnqFFklFy 2017-01-10 08:50:55 No. 29241958
>something about this doesn't feel real
>maybe it isn't, who knows ?
>you try not to really think about stuff like that much anymore
>you know, roll with the punches, go with the flow
>if only it weren't so hot
>you look up into the sun
>celestia doesn't mess around out here
>you scan the horizon while attempting to shield your eyes
>the desert is so open
>there's a certain lack of structure, an organic freedom
>the plants strong enough to survive are sparse and modest
>so different from canterlot
>social structure means nothing out here, just adaptability and the will to thrive
>you look back down at the piece of heavy card-stock in your hand
>the reason you are here
>you notice that the paper's gold outlining sparkles a little in the sun
>you examine the text on the card for what feels like the thousandth time

> “Anonymous -

For the first time in common Equestrian history, we are set to experience an extraordinary alignment within our galaxy. It is with great honor that we cordially invite you, Anonymous, to the first ever “ball of the stars”. Additionally, we would like to make you our very own guest of honor. As a guest of honor, you will be treated as one of the ZODIAC family. We formally extend our invitation for you to stay with us at the one and only Castle of Celestial Dawn before the event. Food, housing and all other essentials will be provided! We feel that your insight will be pivotal in laying the framework for our developing annual tradition. We encourage you to arrive early, yet we will be expecting you at any time.

because you never know where the stars will take you

* Z O D I A C *
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