Anonymous is invited to the "ball of the stars" to spend some time with all the Zodiac ponies
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!!OrgnqFFklFy 2017-01-11 02:51:08 No. 29243871

>definitely something eerie about all of this
>you feel like moving on
>you turn the hedge and can faintly hear the sound of water ahead
>it looks like there is a fountain
>it is about twice your height
>and actually running
>in the middle of a desert...
>the base of the fountain is rounded and thick enough to rest on
>you approach it and sit down
>the hedges around you restrict your view fairly well here
>seems like at one point this would have been a peaceful place to spend some time resting
>you take a moment to sit down and close your eyes
>it's been a long journey here already today
>just as your mind starts to slip and your shoulders start to slouch you hear a voice to your side
> “Hello Anonymous”
>you jump and abruptly turn to see a very calm looking light blue mare
>the tranquility of her voice and her relaxed demeanor slow your heart rate slightly
>she has a multi-shaded white mane that covers her eyes
>your first instinct is to be alarmed at the presence of the stranger, but everything seems so peaceful
> “My name is Aquarius. It's an honor to welcome you to Zodiac Castle”


* that's all that I am going to be able to write for tonight. gonna go to sleep and I will update in the morning when I wake up, so feel free to provide input / ask questions. any feedback is welcome.
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