Anonymous is invited to the "ball of the stars" to spend some time with all the Zodiac ponies
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!!OrgnqFFklFy 2017-01-11 01:51:05 No. 29246099


“Let's go in and get the tour started then”
>you stand up
>Aquarius nods and begins making her way back out of the hedges
>you follow and try to stay by her side
>it is a little surreal leaving the fountain
>things don't feel quite as empty out here anymore
“So... things seem pretty isolated out here, how do you get food and water?”
>she continues her pace as you make your way back towards the statues
> “When we first arrived we thought that would be an issue as well. We brought a supply of food, seeds and water”
>you nod and she continues
>“All that planning only to find running water and a complete fertile and thriving orchard in the southern most part of the land. As far as we can tell the land has been untended for a very long time... It's a type of magic we don't quite understand”
>you think you almost hear a sigh
>“Like a lot of things here...”
>she's not a very expressive one for sure
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