Anonymous is invited to the "ball of the stars" to spend some time with all the Zodiac ponies
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!!OrgnqFFklFy 2017-01-12 08:53:34 No. 29254950

>you pause to gather your thoughts as you continue to ascend up the stairs
“I choose Air because it seems the most open and active, I think staying with you all will be smart and fun. You all strike me as very friendly and understanding ponies, not too mention your house does have a lot of qts...”
>both the Gemini ponies look back at you but continue their pace forward
>Aquarius stumbles a little but is able to gather herself and resume her rhythmic walk forward
>Libra brushes into you and giggles as you reach the top of the stairs
>Aquarius is the first to speak, her voice falters
> “So we are almost at the top of the castle, this door here to the right leads to our housing. The door up ahead leads out to the castle roof if you'd like to see that view”
>the yellow Gemini pony approaches the door
> “Alright Anon! We're here, welcome to Air house”
>you take in your surroundings before you walk through the door
>the castle is starting to become more dimly lit, but you can tell you are on a very high up balcony that still overlooks the ballroom beneath you
>the door opens ahead of you
>you walk through the door frame and are immediately surprised at how bright it is
>it feels like sunlight in the room, despite the fact that it should be dark by now
>a lot of the walls are a slightly off white color, yet they are painted with leaves and trees and other wildlife
>the room is decorated with soft looking gray furniture and several clouds that you take to be real
>right horseworld
>you look up and see that the roof of the common area you are in is painted like a cloudy sky
>there is a lot of attention to detail, subtle linear patterns and gold flake layer over the blue portions of the sky
>the air in the room feels cool, crispy and rich like a casino lobby
>it's soothing but almost energizing at the same time
>you notice three large metal doors with emblems on them as well as several labeled wooden doors
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