Anonymous is invited to the "ball of the stars" to spend some time with all the Zodiac ponies
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>once you have sufficiently calmed down you take a moment to consider the situation and what you know about Libra
>it seems like it would be safe to stay and talk but you don't want to interrupt their rituals
“Hey, this whole stargazing thing seems really important to all of you and I wouldn't want to do anything to disturb you...”
>you pause a bit before continuing
>Libra looks down at the ground for a second
“I was thinking I'd go up to the castle roof and try it out for myself. How about we talk after?”
>she looks back up at you and stands up from the couch
>her body language has dampened but she gives you a reassuring smile
> “Sure thing! Aquarius must have really got to you with all her rules...”
>she giggles warmly to herself and blinks a couple times before resuming
> “Have fun Anon! We will talk afterwards for sure!”
>she continues her trot across the room
>she opens the observatory door and looks back at you
>you feel like you should say more
“We'll have to become best friends, I could use a Libro around here”
>you feel kinda silly for saying that but her giggling makes it worth it
>she winks at you then closes the door
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