Anonymous is invited to the "ball of the stars" to spend some time with all the Zodiac ponies
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!!OrgnqFFklFy 2017-01-14 04:51:30 No. 29263363

>as you make it down the winding stairs you continue to take in the lighting
>it is extravagant, magical
>just like the moon outside the glow it omits is personal, intimate
>it's intensity gives the room a certain serenity
>even the echo of your footsteps seems to add to the eloquent ambiance
>you reach the dance-floor and enter into the ballroom
>you look back up
>the chandeliers that were so dazzling up close just sort of blur together into a sea of gold and sparkles
>the detail in the floor is more apparent at this distance though
>you look over to the luna clock
>just like the accents on the balconies, the clock takes on a fluorescent quality
>a intense bluish purple glow invites you over
>the entirety of the once black surface now illuminates the room as if glowing from within
>just as mentioned the hand is ticking counterclockwise
>it is half way back to the leftmost moon
>you take a moment to remember that all the Zodiac are still gazing
>must be intense going for that period of time...
>it should give you time to explore more though
>you investigate the Lunar clock more closer and place your hand gently on the side of the clock
>it is cold and smooth, yet somehow you can feel its age, its resistance to the weathering of time...
>you take a moment to consider what parts of the castle you'd like to see
>it looks like there is a hallway to your right that goes deeper into the castle
>you could always go back up to the top levels by air house and investigate as well
>or maybe you could go out to the courtyard from the way you came and try to find the orchard?

*thanks for keeping the thread alive. last tonight update, I'll try to be around for a little in the morning
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