Anonymous is invited to the "ball of the stars" to spend some time with all the Zodiac ponies
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2017-01-14 05:26:23 No. 29263443
>it should give you time to explore more though
Before Anon does anything and goes exploring too far from the Air house, we need to leave a note detailing exactly where he's going. The magic is obviously quite strong since it's turning the whole place into a light show. That magic may have a harmful side as well, and we don't know what we'll encounter deeper in the castle, so we'll give Anon insurance.

Search around for methods of creating a message and make a quick trek back to the Air house if needed for supplies.

!!OrgnqFFklFy 2017-01-14 06:08:43 No. 29267277


>something about the underground of the castle is so alluring
>you take one last look at the clock and turn to your right
>you start to make your way down the hallway
>it descends at a surprisingly steep rate
>you see a desk up ahead
>it looks like there is a more level hallway running perpendicular ahead of you
>there is a bit of space where the two hallways merge
>you notice that the fine stonework starts to become more crude
>as if nature is fighting through trying to reclaim the land
>you investigate the desk
>it has a neat stack of notepads and pencils
>that's convenient as hell
>you take a pencil and examine one of the notepads
>each leaf of paper has a series of stamps on it with symbols you don't quite recognize
>in a simple black font it reads ZODIAC on the pad
>you decide it'd be a good idea to leave a message
>you quickly jot on the pad that you are exploring down the left side of the hallway
>you place the note on the desk
>okay cool
>you pocket the pencil and pad
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