Anonymous is invited to the "ball of the stars" to spend some time with all the Zodiac ponies
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>you shake your head
“No, I was just exploring and ended up here. I could have sworn that the clock was only halfway through its motion, does it not move at a consistent pace?”
>Capricorn takes a step back away from you
> “Oh! Uh, not sure. I'm usually in my observatory and don't get to see the clock! It seems to me like some sessions take longer than others though...”
>she stops talking and clicks her front hooves together before brushing her mane out of her eyes
>Virgo speaks up, her tone is a bit dramatic
> “Oh definitely, thank Celestia tonight was short. I need to get my beauty sleep. Anonymous, good seeing you”
>Taurus nods at you before the two of them exit the room
>it seems like they exchange a few more words on the way out
>must be some sort of other common-area over there
>Capricorn speaks up again, she sounds on edge
> “So, uh, are you gonna stick around here for a bit?”
>you really should be getting back
“I think I should get back to Air house, don't want to keep them waiting. I still want to see the other houses, you can be my guide if you want”
>her eyes light up and she looks up at you
>“Really? Y-yeah that sounds great! I guess I will see you around then?”
>you nod
“Yeah definitely see you around”
>with that Capricorn gives you a hesitate smile then turns to walk back through the door Virgo and Taurus exited through
>you make your way back out of the green livelihood of the housing into the hallway
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