Anonymous is invited to the "ball of the stars" to spend some time with all the Zodiac ponies
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* Capricorn Edition *

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>how to properly summarize...
>it might be best to take a seat and allow yourself to get comfortable for a moment
>after all you and Capricorn are technically guests to the Air house
>a proper greeting is definitely in order first and foremost
“Hey everyone!”
>you look down briefly at Libra and affectionately ruffle her mane
>you try to keep it quick as to not show her too much extra attention, just the right amount she is looking for
“Hey Libra, Capricorn just finished showing me the other houses in the castle”
>you take a breath and continue as you consider how much detail to go into
“Got to take a dip in the water at Water house and got to watch a memory in Fire house. All and all good, I feel like I've got to know a lot of the ponies here at this point”
>everything still feels kind of different, like you are slightly disengaged from reality
>this room makes everything feel even more off, it look completely different you keep forgetting that you are indoors
>you wonder how much the water and memory are still affecting you
>it takes you a moment to locate the soothing voice
>Aquarius speaks up, it is really impressive how seamlessly she is able to make her presence known
>“Sounds adventurous, I hope in the future you consider staying on the side of caution”
>you're not quiet sure what that is suppose to mean, you think it is directed at you
>Libra huffs next to you, Capricorn still hasn't said anything
>you hear one of the Gemini's voices
>Gemmy is talking to you
>“That's awesome Anon, sounds like Capricorn was a good guide. You'll have to tell me what you saw from the past in more detail sometime!”
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