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>you make eye contact with the memory mare
>just the two of you in the room
>the lighting is becoming overbearing
>saturating the room, giving everything a genuinely unreal feeling
>you can't help but take notice of the anxiety mounting in your chest
>you try to steady your breath, taking note of how the color around you could even be seen as soothing
“Let's just... let's wait here for a bit. I don't know, maybe we can find something useful”
>she nods
>the uneasy look in the depths of her gray eyes does not subside
>her facial expression matches the feeling in the pit of your gut eerily well
>you stand up and begin pacing
>you cover the length of the room several times over
>just walking
>you guide your hand over the surface of the cool white walls
>you watch your hands move
>working, trying to search for something
>you feel the need to talk
“So uh, any good exploring stories from the castle so far?”
>you watch her look up at you from a considerable distance
>the gems in her dress refract the colored light in such a subtle and ghostly manner
>“The most notable thing I would say so far is the size of the building itself...”
>she blinks and watches you pace, re-positioning herself in the grass beneath her slightly
>“I mean really, it has everything and more”
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