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* Pisces Edition *

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>you shift your position a bit and consider how you are going to carry out the conversation
>definitely a lot of questions bouncing around in your head, you glance over to the books you selected
“Have you tried reading any of the books that I picked up?”
>Pisces glances over to the stack of books on the desk near her
>she nods softly
>“Just a pony's guide, I had to check it out, I have a thing for banned books”
>she clops her hooves together softly, almost fidgeting as she speaks
>it is adorable, but you double take at the word banned
>you glance back at the thick turquoise binding
“Banned? By who and when?”
>Pisces giggles to herself softly
>“I guess I shouldn't have expect ya to know that, very old and outdated royal decree, one of many books that ended up on a censor list”
>she pauses and stares off for a second before continuing
>“That's a pretty hard to find copy right there”
>oh hey, that is interesting
>looks like you made a pretty good selection then
>it makes you wonder what kind of content it could contain to be banned...
>you blink, your mind still full of questions
“Seems like there is a lot of information, what is the oldest written records you've been able to find here”
>Pisces looks down and continues to trot forward a little bit
>you instinctively follow, you grab the book off the desk as you begin to walk again
>the weight in your arms returns
>“It's hard to say, I'm fairly good with reading old equus, but some of the texts here seem to predate that entire language...”
>damn, that is impressive
>you nod slightly as you continue further forward
>the shelving around you begins to warp, it doesn't quite walk a straight line
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